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Guest Doffy90

hey hey


first of all I can't make a map I tried but i failed and i keep failing BUT what i suggest is that if someone wants to they could be like a mapping partner with me, they map I tell them my ideas and such and if they show me how to do something I will do it biggrin.gif


hope someone accepts

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there is a lot of cool and crazy stuff you can do with mapping...

just gotta know scource codes and stuff...


Neo_Bahamut is crazy with that type of stuff...

im sure Sgt. Pepper prolly knows how too...

those r the 2 best in nolf2...

and SonicGoo is moving up fast, he is throwin out some really awesome maps...


nolf1 has all the experts though...


but an idea of stuff u can do...

make a song sing when certain stuff is picked up, or u walk by a certain area...automatic doors...teleporters....


lots of cool stuff...just gotta know how

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Here's how to make a sound when something is picked up (can also cause many other things to happen when its picked up, read the commands in the documents).

Create a new sound object, create your weapon object.

Properties for Sound Object:

StartOn set to FALSE

Choose a sound in the Sound field (click Browse and choose one)


Properties for Weapon Object:

Set-up as usual...

Add to PickupCommand a line like this: msg SoundFX0 on;

where SoundFX0 is the name of your Sound Object.


Remeber that the sound is made at the sound object, not the weapon, so place them close enough together.

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