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Bearing Treasures from Distant Shores: RESULTS for EU Servers

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Hi all,

I’m proud to announce the EU Server Winners for the Bearing Treasures Cross-Seas Tradepack event. Many players participated and if you managed to turn in at least one pack for any Stabilizers during the event you’ll receive 20 Loyalty Points through in-game mail.

The competition was fierce but at the conclusion of the event the following players proved to be the most successful. Congratulations to all top contestants. Please note that winners will recieve your rewards via in-game mail in the near future.

If you managed to get any good screenshots from the event please feel free to post them.


== AIER ==
WINNER 1st Place) Berish 324 Packs
2nd Place) Alexander 322 Packs
3rd Place) Grendru 190 Packs
4th Place) Splesz 138 Packs
5th Place) Vrasies 135 Packs

== DAHUTA ==
WINNER 1st Place) Azia 319 Packs

2nd Place) Cassandre 198 Packs
3rd Place) Placeholder 176 Packs
4th Place) Theriotman 119 Packs
5th Place) Hellface 100 Packs

== EANNA ==
WINNER 1st Place) Silversurfer 1589 Packs

2nd Place) Shieldnoob 1341 Packs
3rd Place) Yngvy 1294 Packs
4th Place) Eltine 49 Packs
5th Place) Coro 41 Packs

WINNER 1st Place) Red 839 Packs

2nd Place) Jazmin 338 Packs
3rd Place) Alton 230 Packs
4th Place) Rzoro 208 Packs
5th Place) Alataeriel 86 Packs

WINNER 1st Place) Doedeline 743 Packs

2nd Place) Deliciosa 256 Packs
3rd Place) Jerryisacat 138 Packs
4th Place) Chantal 110 Packs
5th Place) Squirtlepro 105 Packs

WINNER 1st Place) Qsolo 522 Packs

2nd Place) Vapsjee 461 Packs
3rd Place) Malkova 305 Packs
4th Place) Jejos 115 Packs
5th Place) Dantor 90 Packs

== NEBE ==
WINNER 1st Place) Hektor 959 Packs

2nd Place) Qqqwwweeerrrtttyyy 818 Packs
3rd Place) Leinad 493 Packs
4th Place) Evangeance 345 Packs
5th Place) Kokomaa 169 Packs

== NUI ==
WINNER 1st Place) Orbsen 348 Packs

2nd Place) Thalion 210 Packs
3rd Place) Crest 208 Packs
4th Place) Kiara 78 Packs
5th Place) Sephira 77 Packs

WINNER 1st Place) Nirasha 664 Packs

2nd Place) Muciaczek 258 Packs
3rd Place) Medix 246 Packs
4th Place) Gubox 163 Packs
5th Place) Shiroyukii 72 Packs

WINNER 1st Place) Aray 263 Packs

2nd Place) Partizan 163 Packs
3rd Place) Xervia 132 Packs
4th Place) Empire 130 Packs
5th Place) Yunlee 122 Packs

Rewards will be distributed through in-game mail to the top 5 traders per server.


  • Silversurfer – Eanna – 1589 Packs
  • Shieldnoob – Eanna – 1341 Packs
  • Yngvy – Eanna – 1294 Packs
  • Hektor – Nebe – 959 Packs
  • Red – Janudar – 839 Packs

  • Zakai – Ollo-NA – 1992 Packs
  • Tabby – Enla-NA – 1687 Packs
  • Silversurfer – Eanna-EU – 1589 Packs
  • Unji – Aranzeb-NA – 1394 Packs
  • Shieldnoob – Eanna-EU – 1341 Packs

Total Tradepacks for Stabilizers NA: 62,718
Total Tradepacks for Stabilizers EU: 43,781
Total Tradepacks for Stabilizers NA/EU: 106,499

Top NA Server: Enla 7,018
Top EU Server: Eanna 6,981

Estimated Labor Spent on Packs (Including Growing Materials): 18,400,000 LP

Thank you all for your participation and we look forward to seeing your success in a future event!


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