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Patch Notes - July 06, 2023


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Patch Notes
Content Updates
  • The weekly quests at Western/Eastern Hiram Mountains will now complete automatically.
    • The weekly quests at Western/Eastern Hiram Mountains previously required you to go back to the quest NPC to complete the quests. We wanted to make this more convenient, so the quests will now complete automatically once you fulfill the quest conditions.
    • Reward Crates will be given upon completing the quests. The rewards will remain the same.
    • Relevant Quests
      • Western Hiram Mountains: Animal Control, Guard Hiram Mountains
      • Eastern Hiram Mountains: Haradium Abominations, Stop the Abyssal Legion
  • The Space-Time Core can now be purchased/used by Commanders.
    • We wanted to make improvements to the inconvenience of not being able to use guild residence furniture when the Guild Leader was absent. Therefore Commanders will now also be able to purchase/use the Space-Time Core.
    • This means Commanders can now activate the following guild residence furniture: Base Teleportation Device, Statue of Noble Gallantry, Carpet of Noble Gallantry.
  • New customizable furniture were added to the Guild Residence Prestige Shop.
    • Empty Frame of Noble Gallantry
    • Blank Canvas of Noble Gallantry
  • Certain items can be switched to new items.
    • Earth's Bounty Barbecue Table
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed the issue where there the wrong acquisition conditions were displayed for the Equipment Expert title.
  • Adjusted the range from which you can interact with the Recovered Treasure Chest, to make it easier to interact with it.
  • Fixed the issue where an abnormal object was seen in the skies of Marianople.
  • Fixed the issue where the Delphinad Ghost Ship reward, Delphinad Ghost Ship Stone Slab of Blessing, was obtainable by factions other than the Pirate Faction.
  • Fixed the issue where the selling price of relics would not be visible when selling relics to the Relic Merchant.
  • Fixed the issue where the animation and sound effect would not play when using the Daru Pocket Watch.
  • The Daru Pocket Watch will no longer have a casting time.
  • Fixed the issue where item information would not be displayed when equipping multiple costumes.
  • Fixed the issue where Charybdis's Frenzy would stack.
July's Double the Gain event has started its first week.
  • Week 1 (July 6, after maintenance–July 13, before maintenance): XP x2

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