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Daru Mission


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Daru Mission

Event Period
June 22 (Thurs), 2023 after maintenance–July 6 (Thurs), 2023 before maintenance

Event Details
  • You can purchase the "Daru Daily Mission: 1 Day" for free at the Marketplace for 2 weeks from June 22 (Thurs) after maintenance–July 6 (Thurs) before maintenance. (Once per day per account.)
  • When you use the "Daru Daily Mission: 1 Day" item, you will randomly get one of two Daru Missions.
  • You cannot use the "Daru Daily Mission: 1 Day" item if you already have a Daru Mission item, if you have a Daru Mission quest in progress, or if you already completed the quest.
  • You can get 6 Manastorm Crystals as a reward for completing the Daru Daily Mission quest.
    • The Daru Mission items will be removed once you complete the quest.
  • After the event ends, you will get additional rewards depending on the number of times you completed the quests using the event item.
Event Quests
Quest Name
Condition for Accepting Quest
Quest Completion Conditions
Daru Mission: Vocation Badges
Obtain 2,000 Vocation Badges
Manastorm Crystal x6
Daru Mission: Spend Labor
Spend 2,000 Labor
Manastorm Crystal x6
Additional Rewards for Event Quest Completions
  • Reward Schedule: July 7 (Fri), 2023, before 18:00
Reward Item & Quantity
Number of Completions
Akasch Tokens
Akasch Token Crate of Honor x2
1–3 times
Akasch Token Crate of Honor x5
4–6 times
Akasch Token Crate of Honor x10
7–9 times
Akasch Token Crate of Honor x20
10 times or more
  • The daily quests are available for level 55 or above and reset each day at 23:00 CEST (21:00 PST).
  • The coupons that are sent after the end of the event must be used within 30 days, and will disappear after the expiration period.
  • Expired coupons cannot be recovered.
  • All event items cannot be restored.

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