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Patch Notes - June 15, 2023


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Patch Notes
Content Updates
  • Certain raid monsters at the Garden of the Gods will now disappear 1 hour after they appear.
    • To reduce the fatigue of having to PvP for 2 hours while the raid monsters appeared at the Garden of the Gods, the below monsters will now disappear after 1 hour.
    • Applied to: Angorak the Fist, Ramsus the Splitter, Pyrexius the Impaler, Casvir
  • The new "Card Magician" achievement was added.
    • You can complete the achievement by equipping both the Arkana Wings: Spade and Arkana Wings: Heart items.
    • You will get the "Card Magician" title upon completion. The title increases glide speed (exclusive for Arkana Wings).
Improved the Product List related descriptions for the Manastorm Shop and Akasch Token Merchant.


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