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Patch Notes - June 08, 2023


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Patch Notes
Content Updates
  • The below ArchePass restrictions were lifted for the Melisara and Gene servers.
    • Basic ArchePass: Mischievous Kid Costume
    • Advanced ArchePass: Siege Weapon
    • Grand ArchePass: Wonderland Cat Butler
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed the issue where an immunity effect was applied when attacking guardians at the Great Prairie of the West while they were overlapping with one another.
  • Fixed the issue where the guardians wouldn't disappear even after the Guardian Scramble ended at the Great Prairie of the West.
  • Fixed the issue where guardians from the same faction would occasionally attack each other.
  • Fixed the issue where Calleil of the Howling Abyss would not change to a hostile faction.
  • Fixed the issue where Summon Anywhere Warehouse would not work properly when Nui's Protection was applied.
    • Fixed the issue where Warehouse Manager items couldn't be used and a "Can't be used in a Protection Area." message would appear when used during a Peace Zone status.
  • Fixed the issue where the Risopoda would move to an abnormal location after it was annihilated (Mysthrane Gorge).
    • When nearby characters all died while the Risopoda's Health was at 1% and was continuous rolling or crawling in place, it changed into a "return" status.
    • We fixed this after confirming that the it wouldn't move locations and just roll in place after being moved to a random location once the return buff was over.
  • The Strongest Immunity status will now be displayed for Taris at Mistsong Summit.
Marian's Magic School Festival event has started.
  • The Marianople area will become a Peace Zone during the festival period.

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