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Patch Notes - May 18, 2023


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Patch Notes
Content Updates
  • When using Powerstone Pumpkin's Trick skill, enemies can still deal damage if they already casted a skill, if they attack you directly with a non-targeting skill, or if you receive damage over time.
  • Instanced matchmaking has been merged for the Melisara & Gene servers. However, the contents below will still match independently.
    • Drill Camp Arena, Free-For-All Arena, Sparring Arena, Golden Plains Battle, Skyfin War, Dimensional Boundary Defense Raid
  • Removed the restrictions for the below content in Melisara and Gene servers.
    • Area: Ipnya Ridge
    • World Boss: Charybdis
    • Content: Akasch Invasion
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed the issue where the incorrect title name appeared in the tooltip for the New Server Graduation Reward Box.
  • Fixed the issue where Bouncy Cow's Spinning cow! skill would not show the proper animation in certain situations.
  • When you are lifted into the air due to a debuff at Arbiter's Plaza (Ipnysh Sanctuary), you will now be Silenced.
    • Fixed due to a teleport and quick navigation hack issue. 
  • Fixed the issue where damage indicators were not properly displayed when the Light Warden (Ipnysh Sanctuary) uses the Cross Quake skill.
    • Fixed the issue where damage was dealt in 8 different directions despite the damage area showing a cross shape area (+).
  • Fixed the issue where the Ipnysh Warden monster would move abnormally at the Hall of Eternity.
    • The monster moves once the three summoned animals have been defeated, and then the the target that's being targeted moves to the "Forbidden Realm." This issue was fixed.
  • The "Unpurified Crate" event has begun. (Runs until the maintenance on June 1 (Thurs), 2023.)
    • Defeat monsters at Auroria during the event period for a low chance to obtain the "Unpurified Crate."
    • You can use 1 Manastorm Crystal to open up the Unpurified Crate.
    • You can get a chance to obtain additional loot depending on the amount of crates you open.
    • Major rewards: Lucky Cat Crate, Mythic Synthesis Crate, Adventurer's Assorted Ribs, Ewan's Rune Rank 1
  • Removed the tooltips related to the Workbench for 4 types of items that cannot be switched to customizable furniture.
    • Monitor, Office Nameplate, Partition, Whiteboard
    • An exchanger that allows you to switch these items will be available soon through a future update.
  • A design for "Change Model" for the 3 types of wrapped Vroom scrolls was added.

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