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WB Games and the current status of NOLF

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So I'm sure some of you have read by now the article on this ( Kotaku Article )and IDK about you guys but I can't believe WB wouldn't want to make money off of this! People will pay for this game especially if updated to modern standards and if they don't have to put any real effort or even money into this why wouldn't you allow it?! it's straight profit for them at that point! There aren't many of us here but for those that do read this I highly suggest bringing up NOLF on their Facebook page( WB page ) or maybe even sending them an email or something. Let them know people would love it and many new people would start playing it!

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I knew it was too good to be true. Seriously though, WB probably thinks that it isn't worth the effort, even if it would only require a minimal amount from them. Remember that Activision and Fox might still own some rights, and WB doesn't want to set themselves up for a potential copyright infringement lawsuit from them. Activision and Fox don't seem to think that it'd be worth the effort either. Remember that these are old, non mainstream games, and potentially splitting whatever minimal profits they might make between 4 companies? That's doesn't sound too appealing. Basically as someone else said:

—None of the companies want to spend the time to figure out the legal rights they may have.

—Night Dive has control of the actual NAME.

—All of the companies want a piece of the pie without any effort, and are threatening legal action if they don't get it.

Yes, copyright laws are supposed to benefit society and creativity rather than hinder it, but unfortunately it sometimes causes the opposite to happen.

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