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Someone is at least trying to get us NOLF

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I know it's not the answer we want to hear, but it sounds like someone is trying to bring NOLF out of the "who owns the IP" woods.



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They build us up ..........and knock us down :cry2:

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From kotaku: "We were about to commit a large chunk of development time in making sure that No One Lives Forever 1 & 2 were 100% compatible with Windows 8 64, Linux, OSX, had a full complement of Steam features, achievements, working multiplayer, dedicated servers…"


As a happy Linux user, seeing this - even knowing System Shock 2 was using some Windows wrappers - makes me cry even more. Sad to see the inaction of big companies here just to ruin other people's job...


Time to ask a weird question: why has anyone continued to maintain an open source port of the current source code of NOLF2 that is freely available? Has anyone tried to convert the game for being able to compile with gcc or clang with a Makefile or any other build alternative?

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