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Sweet Love-filled Gift


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Sweet Love-filled Gift
The weather is getting warmer so we'd like to introduce an event that will warm your hearts even further. It's the Sweet Love-filled Gift Event, where you can express your feelings to those who feel special to you.

Event Period
  • Mar. 2 (Thurs), 2023 after maintenance–Mar. 16 (Thurs) before maintenance (2 weeks)
Event Details
  • A special daily quest will be available through the "Rabbit-Disguised Firran" who will appear at Marianople, Austera, and Growlgate Isle during the event period.
  • NPC Location
  • Daily Quest 
    • Sweet Love-filled Gift  (Lv55+)
  • Rewards
Manastorm Crystal x5
Honorable Vocation Potion Rank 5 x1
Candy Bundle With Letter x1
  • Quest Procedure
    • Once you get the quest, 1 "Candy Powder" will be sent to your Bag (shortcut key: i).
    • You need to use additional materials with the Candy Powder to make the "Candy Bundle" from the "Sweet Candy Workbench."
      - Candy Bundle Ingredients: Orchard Puree x10, Pack Blueprint x1, Candy Powder x1, 50 Labor
        > The "Pack Blueprint" can be purchased from general merchants.
    • You can complete the quest and receive your rewards by delivering the Candy Bundle to the "Rabbit-Disguised Firran."
    • You can select either yourself or another player with the "Candy Bundle With Letter" reward to express your feelings.
  • Sweet Letter Buff Effect
Sweet Letter (Obtain by using the "Candy Bundle With Letter" to either yourself or another player)

Increases XP Gain by 20% for 60 minutes.

Remaining duration counts down even when you log out.
  • Participate in the event and achieve the below to get rewards.
Achievement Name
Achievement Condition
Achievement Reward
Sugarcoated Love
Participate in the event and get hidden achievements.
l9WeetSotD-Wfl-WiTM8IcOp7d0I3ldY6Cuw4ndoBQssegkrJL7VIHjsxJvgweg9vtcG-noLoQhjMSoCyWsGCny3vH1vBWEVKTvgJFjG9Grm_FaDQoYM66j_KfvuGcIDf2p3JkLAnJOguaa2-3SHCWIRainbow Candy

Title: Lolli-lollipop
  • Daily Quests are available for level 55 or above and reset each day at 00:00 UTC.
  • The Rabbit-Disguised Firran, Sweet Candy Workbench, Candy Powder, Candy Bundle, and Candy Bundle With Letter will disappear after the maintenance on Mar. 16 (Thurs), 2023.
  • All event items cannot be restored.

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