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Patch Notes - March 2, 2023


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Patch Notes
Content Updates
  • Added a condition for using "Change to Siege Mode" for Wheeled Mortar/Fire Ironclad/Ironclad.  
    • The content is not as exciting due to the high reliance on steamtanks (especially the use of Siege Ammos), so a condition was added for using "Change to Siege Mode."
    • It can only be used while a Siege is in progress or at the "Mysthrane Gorge" region.
    •  We will continue to make improvements for content that utilizes steamtanks.
  • The Enchanting Tail and Tempting Tail were added to the boss monster Aria (Hard difficulty) NPC's loot at Mistsong Summit.
    • These items only dropped from the Easy and Normail difficulty Aria NPCs, but we realized the high demand for the item. Therefore the items will also drop from the Hard difficulty Aria.
    • Increased the Health of Jola the Cursed, Meina, and Glenn.
    • The below expired ArchePass will no longer be displayed.
    • December ArchePass II 
  • The Sweet Love-filled Gift event has begun.
    • Event Period: Mar. 2 (after maintenance)–Mar. 16 (before maintenance)
    • A special daily quest (Lv55+) will be available through "Rabbit-Disguised Firran" who appears at the major cities (Marianople, Austera, Growlgate Isle).
    • After accepting the quest, make the "Candy Bundle" and deliver it to the "Rabbit-Disguised Firran."
    • Receive the "Candy Bundle With Letter" after completing the quest, and then give it to another player to get a special buff effect.
    • Please check out the event post for the details.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed the issue where you could not accept the "Defeat the Nightmare Glaive" Grimghast Rift quest.
  • Fixed the issue where players wouldn't die in certain circumstances when the Purifying Archeum exploded.

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