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Patch Notes - February 23, 2023


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Patch Notes
Content Updates
  • The conditions for accepting the Halting the Crimson Tide 3/Halting the Crimson Tide 4 during Grimghast Rift was changed.
    • Before the change, you had to move to the portal to accept the quests even when you knew there were enemy factions standing by. Therefore we implemented the quest condition changes below.
      • Before: After destroying the Nightmare Totem, you had to go through a portal that appeared and select either the Halting the Crimson Tide 3 or Halting the Crimson Tide 4 quest.
      • Now: The two quests were merged into the "Halting the Crimson Tide 3 & 4" quest, and when you attack the Nightmare Totem, you will now accept the quest (you can accept when the same raid or party member attacks it as well) -> and you only have to defeat either the Nightmare Incubus or Nightmare Pit Fiend to satisfy the quest conditions.
    • After you complete the quest, you will get the "Grimghast Rift Reward Crate." You can select between 10 Radiant Infusion Supply Kits or a Superior Lunarite Pouch.
  • The summon time and duration for using Condensed Archeum (Trade Pack) during Grimghast Rift was improved.
    • We received feedback that it was quite difficult to obtain the Condensed Archeum (Trade Pack) when it was crowded with others during Grimghast Rift.
    • Condensed Archeum (Trade Pack) reappearance time: 8 sec -> 0.5 sec; Time to obtain: 2 sec -> 1 sec
  • You can no longer obtain the Enoan Galleon Design when defeating the Leviathan.
    • The Enoan Galleon Blueprint Fragment will drop instead.
  • The below expired ArchePass will no longer be displayed.
    • (Event) Duun Silver Pass
    • Inheritor ArchePass Season 1
    • Inheritor ArchePass Season 2
    • Manastorm Blessing
    • Great Dexterity
  • [Dahuta & Shatigon] Level requirements for sending mail, using Private Trade, and using the Auction House at the servers was changed from Ancestral Level 70 to Ancestral Level 15.
  • [Melisara & Gene] One type of ArchePass was added.
  • The "Event for Challenge-Starters" has begun.
    • Event Period: Feb. 13 (after maintenance)–Mar. 30 (before maintenance)
    • You can purchase the below items for free at the Marketplace during the event (once per day per account):
      • Bound Double Hunting XP Elixir
      • Bound Double Vocation XP Elixir
      • Bound Sunlight Juice
    • You can obtain "Mythic Hiram Infusion" x1 every 30 minutes using the patron-exclusive Divine Clock during the event (up to 5 times per day per account).
    • [Melisara & Gene] A free Advanced ArchePass will be given out during the event period.
 Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an error in the skill settings for the Pirate Alliance Guard NPC.
  • Revised Farmhand descriptions.
  • Revised ArchePass Mission descriptions.

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