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Men's Volleyball

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haha, thats nuthin big man.


granted it did get a nice 30 second clip on my favorite show...





i wonder how much money those guys make, maybe about $20,000-$30,000 a year...


they throwin their lives away!

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Beleive it or not, some people play for the love of the sport not for the love of money.


These guys play because it is the best sport in the world. (I'm partial to volleyball because I played middle hitter in college)

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When played correctly, volleyball is an explosive and violent game (example: quick set followed by 120 mph spike within the 10 foot line) tempered with finess and ultimate body control (example: charging towards the net and making a split second vertical change in direction to avoid touching the net). It requires split second, cat-like reflexes (example: returning a serve or spike in such a manner that it is playable a.k.a. pass) not to mention quick wits and a cunning mind to defeat a good opponent (example: reading an opponents offensive or defensive play, which typically takes less than two seconds to execute, and adjusting accordingly). I love the intensity and mental aspect of the game too.


BTW - I'm not talking backyard BBQ slapball...no no no...talking about six man court ball (or even two man sand ball). wink.gif

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