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Patch Notes - February 16, 2023


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Content Updates
  • The Awakening settings for Refined Erenor equipment was changed, therefore there was a change to Synthesis XP.
    • You will now obtain an Eternal grade Refined Erenor gear when awakening an Eternal grade Brilliant Erenor Equipment.
    • The amount of XP required going from Mythic to Eternal for Refined Erenor Equipment will be adjusted.
    • Your total Synthesis XP for your current Refined Erenor Equipment will be adjusted accordingly.
  • The "Royal Archivist Mission" event has begun.
    • Event Period: Feb. 16 (after maintenance)–Mar. 2 (before maintenance)
    • You can get the "Royal Archivist Daily Mission: 1 Day" daily quest for free from the Marketplace during the event period. (Requires Lv55+)
    • Please check out the event post for the details.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed the issue where the Enthusiastic Fan would attack Powerstone Pets after Aria's Concert ended.
  • Fixed the incorrectly displayed Great Prairie of the West Faction Competition victory conditions which stated that you must "Gain a higher score than the another faction when the time is over."
    • Added a description about "draw conditions" for the Great Prairie of the West Faction Competition.
  • Fixed the issue where the "Traces of a Wish Imbued Ore" would not be visible during Guardian Scramble.

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