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Patch Notes - February 2, 2023


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Fresh Start Package
Get ready for the next ArcheAge: Unchained Fresh Start Server! Starting today and until February 10 23:59 UTC, you will be able to purchase a 3-Month Subscription at 30% discount!


Check out our {LINK REMOVED}Web Shop for more information.

  • Adjusted the cast time of Quick Growthstone.
    • Before: 2 sec -> After: 0.5 sec
  • Improved quest progression of the Chapter 13 - 10 "The Golden Ruins" faction quest.
  • Adjusted the amount of points required for the completion of Akasch Invasion related quests.
    • Before: 15 points -> After: 5 points
  • [Melisara & Gene] Design: Luna Charm Rank 5 is now unlocked.
  • [Melisara & Gene] Synthesis Fairy Jake has appeared at the Haranya Alliance Faction Base (Austera).
    • In consideration of eventual faction balance differences, the fairy will also appear at the Nuia Alliance Faction Base (Marianople) on Friday 01:00 UTC.
    • The fairy will disappear from Marianople on Monday 01:00 UTC, and Austera during the next scheduled maintenance.
[Manastorm Shop] (Not applicable for ArcheAge: Unchained)
  • [ArcheAge] Added Gliders/Summons and Teleport Book items back to the shop.
  • [ArcheAge] Removed some items that were tradeable.
  • [ArcheAge] A detailed list of shop items can be viewed in the {LINK REMOVED}Marketplace Arrivals announcement.
  • Changed the entry limit of Sparring Arena, Gladiator Arena, and Drill Camp Arena to 3 times.
  • Changed the entry reset of Sparring Arena, Gladiator Arena, Free-For-All Arena, and Drill Camp Arena to 3 times.
  • The Defense Cannon of the Drill Camp Arena will now be invulnerable for a certain period when the match starts.
[Faction War]
  • Adjusted the equipment point entry restriction for Golden Plains Battle to 8,000 Equipment Points.
  • The November ArchePass will no longer be displayed.
  • [ArcheAge: Unchained] The February ArchePass II has been added.

Fixed Issues
  • Sebath's Letter will now be removed after you complete the "A Deadly Meeting" quest.
  • Imprison will be removed when guardians of the Great Prairie of the West approach them.
  • Fixed an issue where some monsters of the Garden of the Gods spawned in abnormal locations.

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