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Miroir Ice Fishing Festival


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Event Period

Feb. 2 (Thurs), 2023 after maintenance–Feb. 23 (Thurs), 2023 before maintenance


Event Details
  • The Miroir Tundra area will become a Peace Zone due to the Miroir Ice Fishing Festival.
  • You can get to the festival region from the Haranya Alliance Faction Base of Austera, the Nuia Alliance Faction Base of Marianople, and Diamond Shores by going throug the Worldgate: Miroir Ice Fishing Festival.
Event Quests
[h4]A Famous Fishing Hole (Daily Quest)[/h4]
  • How to Participate
    • Accept the "A Famous Fishing Hole" quest from NPC Fisherman Hans.
    • Deliver 5 Lumber to Fisherman Hans.
    • Report to Hans and get the Wrapped Ice Fishing Rod.
  • Rewards
    • Ice Fishing Festival Chest
    • Wrapped Ice Fishing Rod
      • When you unwrap the Wrapped Ice Fishing Rod, you can use it for 10 minutes.
    • Festival Coin x1
[h4]Cold Hard Catch (Repeat Quest)[/h4]
  • How to Participate
    • Accept the "Cold Hard Catch" quest from NPC Fisherman Hans.
    • Equip the Ice Fishing Rod and then sit on the Frozen Chair to go ice fishing and get 10 Young Smelts.
    • Report to Fisherman Hans.
  • Rewards
    • Festival Coin x1
  • Items you can get from ice fishing:
    • Smelt
    • Trout
    • Mullet
    • Salmon
    • Rainbow Trout
    • Waveworn Sack
    • Young Smelts
[h4]Hungry Blizzard Cubs (Daily Quest)[/h4]
  • How to Participate
    • Accept the "Hungry Blizzard Cubs" quest from NPC Fisherman Rohen.
    • Fisherman Rohen will give you Seal Meat. Feed the Seal Meat to the Hungry Blizzard Cub 3 times.
  • Rewards
    • Festival Coin x1
[h4]A Safer Festival[/h4]
  • How to Participate
    • Accept the "A Safer Festival" quest from the Ice Fishing Festival Manager.
    • Deliver 100 Raw Stones to Deckard.
  • Rewards
    • Festival Coin x5
[h4]Arctic Architecture[/h4]
  • How to Participate
    • Accept the "Snow Place Like Home" quest from Igloo Guide Lazia who appears at CET 13:00, 18:00, 23:00 (PST 11:00, 16:00, 21:00).
    • Help restore the igloo with others who are attending the festival.
  • Rewards
    • Festival Coin x3
Festival Coin Exchange Rewards
  • You can check the list of items exchangeable at the Festival Gift Exchanger {LINK REMOVED}here.
  • All Daily Quests reset at CET 23:00 (PST 21:00).
  • All festival NPCs will disappear after the maintenance on Feb. 23 (Thurs).
  • Festival items cannot be restored once they have been destroyed.
  • If you installed a furniture you received as a reward from the festival, it will disappear if you demolish the building on which you installed the furniture at.
  • The Festival Gift Exchanger will disappear after the festival ends, but will remain at Mirage Isle.
  • Only character Lv10 or higher can participate in festival quests.

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