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Patch Notes - Jan 12, 2023


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Patch Notes
Content Updates
Removed the chair behind [Warehouse Manager] Balaru at the Austera Faction Base.
  • There was some feedback saying that the chair behind the [Warehouse Manager] made them accidentally sit on the chair while trying to use the warehouse, so we removed it.
Changed the location of the quest "A Lost Jar".
Eased the conditions for achieving "Stone of Gods and Heroes".
  • The achievement can now be achieved by completing the automatically received quest at the beginning of a raid boss battle.
[Dimensional Rift]
Vehicles at the Hiram Dimensional Rifts are now destroyed when they collide with boss monsters.
Rampage used by Siegeram Taurus now applies Invincibility Cooldown.
[New Server]
Unlocked the below contents for Melisara/Gene servers.
  • Design: Luna Charm Rank 4
  • Instances: Kadum, Dimensional Boundary Defense Raid
Ahnimar Sporty Day Challenge! has started.
  • Enter via Instance -> Arena -> Ahnimar Sporty Day Challenge! Coin reward is given once.
  • Use the received coins at the Ahnimar Sporty Day Exchanger in front of Faction Bases at Marianople, Austera, and Growlgate Isle.
Bug Fixes
Fixed the stats of the guards of Growlgate Isle to be on par with guards of other cities.

Fixed the range description of Flame Barrier to match the actual skill range.

Loot Drop Rate increase/decrease messages will now be displayed during wars in certain regions.

Fixed the issue where Hero Lunastone's effect was not applied to Combat Costumes.

Fixed the incorrect Weaponry Replace icon.

Fixed the abnormal UI when placing items in Cart after repurchasing and then changing the page.

Fixed the issue where the chat location reset upon restarting a character.

Fixed the abnormal display location of the Guild Ambitions icon.

Added the description to collection orbs and decorations that their effects are not applied during flying with Gliders and Wings.

Added more details to the Arena and Enter Instance description.

Improved readability of some text in the Humanity Check! UI.


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