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Patch Notes - Jan 05, 2023


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Patch Notes
Content Updates
[Content - Improvements]
  • Guard NPC’s were added at the Pirate Faction's Mobilization Order summon location.
    • Three Guard NPC's were added because players were easily exposed to enemy factions at the Pirate Faction's Mobilization Order summon location.
  • Added a feature that allows you to access the Arena Shop through the Arena Manager NPC.
  • Added Erenor Weapon/Armor Type Conversion Scrolls.
[Manastorm Shop]
  • Changed the items that can be purchased at the Manastorm Shop.
    • Below have a low chance to appear:
      • Wrapped Abundant Golden Piggy
      • Image Item: Demon Kiss Costume
      • Image Item: Tomb-Bound Wraps
    • Major items that were removed
      • Wrapped Gloomwraith Kirin
      • Bound Labor Recharger
    • Other changes will be announced through a post after the maintenance on Jan. 5 (Thurs) 2023.
  • Added the Grand ArchePass, Wish-Filled Manastorm Crystal, which is available until the maintenance on March 30 (Thurs) 2023.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed the issue where you would not receive damage under the "Can't Install Building" status at a drop location in Auroria.
  • Zodiac Festival event has begun.
  • Wish-Filled Manastorm Crystal event has begun.
    • You can purchase Wish-Filled Manastorm Crystals from the Manastorm Shop to exchange them for rewards until the maintenance on March 30 (Thurs) 2023.
    • Major rewards: 30 types of Image Items (armor), 8 types of Costumes, 3 types of special exchange items

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