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NOLF2 DLL Error!


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Ok, I just made a map, tested it (in one player mode, with the run button in DEdit) and I uploaded it into my Resources folder so I could make sure the Doomsday objects where all in their spots by testing it in multiplayer but when I click play on the autoplay menu it has the following error:


Invalid shell DLL cshell.dll.


It was working like a hour ago but now it wont run! sad.gif Can someone please help me?

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You most likely have too many maps in your custom resources folder (that's why the community started making mappacks)


The nolf games have a limited number they will allow in the folder.

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Thanks, but you could have told me that before i reinstalled the game! lol




I have no control of your paitence level wink.gif


the cshell error is common knowledge to most experienced nolfers wink.gif


Posted the answer for you right after I saw your post too (about 36 minutes later)

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