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Patch Notes - Dec 29, 2022


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Patch Notes
Content Updates
[Instance - Faction War]
  • Adjusted the equipment point entry restriction for the "Golden Plains Battle."
    • Valid Until: January 26 (Thur), 2023 before maintenance
      • Before: 8,000 Equipment Points
      • Now: 6,000 Equipment Points
[Pets - Powerstone Pet]
  • Desummoning a Powerstone Pet will now remove the buff obtained from the Powerstone Pet. 
  • Changed the skill cooldown of the following Powerstone Pets to 90 seconds.
    • Farmer Hedgie, Chef Hedgie, Butler Hedgie, Balloon Corgi, and Lizzie
  • The resting buff will now be displayed upon using Powerstone Pet Lizzie's "Fortify" skill.
[Fresh Start Server]
  • Removed the restrictions on the "Golden Plains Battle" and "Red Dragon's Keep" for Gene/Melisara.
  • All "Haranya Alliance Exile Scrolls" that were provided as Exile support items will be removed during maintenance.
    • We will additionally support the Exile of 25 players (Nuia continent > Haranya continent) after the December 29th maintenance to maintain faction balance.
Bug Fixes
  • Added the "Noble Runescribe Quill" design to the Multipurpose Workbench. 
  • Fixed the issue where the Ipnysh Artifact icons were not being displayed.
  • Fixed the issue where the "Instrument Trunk" design was not being displayed in "Regal Handicraft Desk." 
  • Fixed the issue where a crafting request button was being displayed in the 50-Slot Pets & Transport Trunk design. 
  • Fixed the issue where the npc would occasionally fail to return during the Lord Graillent's Test quest. 
  • Changed/fixed the location of the mailbox and the overlapping locations of Auction Managers in a certain housing region for Sungold Fields. 
  • Fixed the issue where you couldn't enter more than 5,000 characters when entering sheet music to "Famed Music Paper" while having reached full Artistry Proficiency. 
  • You can now start a new Scarecrow Farm Design-providing quest in your transferred faction, even after doing Exile without having completed this quest in your previous faction. 
  • Fixed the issue where you could accept Hiram Rift-related quests in the new server.
The 2022 EoY Boost Event has started (until Jan. 5, 2023 before maintenance).
  • Your XP, Quest Honor Points, and Vocation Badges earned will be doubled during the event period.
  • Loot Drop Rate will be doubled during the event period.
Added an event product that can be purchased for free (until Jan. 5, 2023 before maintenance).
  • 1-Day Vehicle Crate (once per day per account)
    • Go to Marketplace > Main > Event to purchase the item.

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