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Patch Notes - Dec 15, 2022


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Patch Notes
Content Updates
[Content - Improvements]
  • Weekly content reset days were changed.
    • We changed the weekly content reset day from Mondays (00:00 UTC) to Sundays (00:00 UTC) to relieve some fatigue from the weekly contents and to also encourage more participation.
      • Applicable Weekly Contents
      • Weekly Quests
      • Guild Group Quests
      • ArchePass
      • Farmhand
      • Weekly rankings (Garden Rankings, Sportsfishing, Blue Ribbon)
  • Friend/Guild list can now be sorted the way you want.
    • When using the Community UI for Friend/Guild, you can now click on a tab to sort the list according to the category you select.
    • Friend Community
      • You can sort by name, faction, occupation, location, or server name in alphabetical order.
      • Levels are sorted in descending or ascending numerical order.
    • Guild Community
      • You can sort by name or occupation in alphabetical order.
    • Levels, Cumulative Prestige, and Weekly Prestige are sorted in descending or ascending numerical order.
    • However, the Guild Leader is always fixed to the top of the list.
      • We are planning on adding an auto-sorting feature for the Family Community as well in the future.
  • Vehicle & Ship destruction repair costs (Shatigon's Sand quantity) were adjusted.
    • The costs for repairing certain vehicles or ships were either too high or too low, so we adjusted the costs according to the tier, performance, or utility of each vehicle or ship.
  • The tier will be displayed on the Lunagem equipped on equipment.
    • The tier of the Lunagem wasn't straightforward before, and you needed to guess based on their effects. Therefore the tier of the Lunagem will now be displayed in the tooltip.
    • Crafting Lunagems
      • [Vivid]: Vivid Earth Lunascale: Mastery
      • [Splendid]: Splendid Fireglow/Copperglow/Waveglow/Galeglow/Earthglow Lunagem (excluding Splendid Sunglow/Evenglow)
      • [Glorious]: Glorious Fireglow/Copperglow/Waveglow/Galeglow/Earthglow Lunagem (excluding Glorious Sunglow/Evenglow/Winterglow)
      • [Faint]:  4 types of Faint Fireglow Lunagem, 2 types of Waveglow Lunagem
    • Honor Point Lunagems
      • [+1] through [+6]: +1 through +6  Fireglow/Copperglow/Waveglow/Galeglow/Earthglow Lunagem, +1 Evenglow Lunagem, +1 Pecan's Fireglow Lunagem: Melee
  • Added a feature that allows you set Equipment Point restrictions when recruiting Raids. 
    • We added this feature to allow you conveniently recruit Raids based on Equipment Points, since we received feedback that it was a hassle to check each and every Raid Members's Equipment Points when recruiting for certain Raids.
    • You can select one of the following Required Equipment Points: 0, 5,000, 8,000, 10,000, 12,000, 16,000
  • Guild Mission Change will no longer make you accept a previously completed mission.
    • Guild Mission Change would consume Prestige and make you accept the same mission again, so we implemented this change so that you will no longer get the previous mission again.
  • The Warehouse Manager and Any-Post Owl can no longer be summoned near major quest NPC's at the Great Prairie of the West.
    • This was implemented to improve the issue where summoning the Warehouse Manager and Any-Post Owl near the major quest NPC's when starting Guardian Scramble would make it difficult to accept quests. This change will apply near the NPC's below.
      • Nalyn at Windwhip Temporary Camp
      • Bahti, Jubro, and Hanijin for each faction's base at the Great Prairie of the West.
    • We will continue to make improvements to other factors which may disrupt questing.
  • The [Rotten Specialty Merchant] Specialty Preservation Bag Collector NPC location was changed for certain reigons. 
    • We received feedback that the NPC was too far from the Workbench for certain regions, so we moved the NPC closer to the Workbench.
    • This applies to the following regions.
      • Haranya: Hasla, Villanelle, Sunbite Wilds
      • Nuia: Sanddeep
  • The camera distance to the character will now be the same for all races in certain situations. 
    • We received feedback that there were situations (such as when entering Mirage Isle) where the camera distance would change depending on the race. The camera distance will now be fixed to 10m in these situations.
  • Players "On the Run" will now be directly sent to prison instead of going to Trial when they are Forcibly Awaiting Trial.
    • To prevent repeated trials through dying on purpose (by Guards for example) after jailbreaking, you will now get a "Permanent Jailbreak Traces" and "Wanted" effect when breaking out of prison with 50 or more Infamy Points. This will now send you directly to prison instead of Trial when Forcibly Awaiting Trial.
[Cloak Achievements]
  • The Erenor Cloakweaver achievement conditions were improved.
    • Achievements for Radiant Erenor Cloak, Brilliant Erenor Cloak, Brilliant Erenor Equipment, and Refined Erenor Equipment were added.
[Skill Points Increased - Items]
  • The "Stone of Gods and Heroes" was added.
    • Use it to permanently increase Skill Points by 1.
  • The "Rainbow Colored Stone" and "Dimensional Fragment Piece" were added.
    • When using "Rainbow Colored Stone", you will consume Labor and "Dimensional Fragment Pieces" to make the "Stone of Gods and Heroes."
    • The "Rainbow Colored Stone" can be purchased from the Honor Shop.
    • The "Dimensional Fragment Piece" can be obtained by completing the achievement for "Stone of Gods and Heroes."
  • Added the "Stone of Gods and Heroes" achievement.
    • 9 achievements were added for the "Stone of Gods and Heroes."
      • You can find them at the General -> Characters tab.
    • Once you get all the 9 achievements, you will complete the "Stone of Gods and Heroes" achievement and get the "Dimensional Fragment Piece" as a reward.
    • The achievements will reflect your current records. Achievements you already completed will automatically be completed when you first log in after the update.
  • The pouch drop rates were decreased at Whalesong Harbor, Aegis Island, and Auroria's seas.
  • The pouch drop rate was increased for Eastern Hiram.
  • The Peace status will be removed from Western and Eastern Hiram Mountains of Auroria. The Conflict status will repeat insetad.
  • The Akasch Void Corps will begin their invasion into Western and Eastern Hiram Mountains.
  • Quests for the rifts appearing at the Hiram Mountains were added.
  • Daily Quests and Achievements for the Hiram Dimensional Rift were added.
  • There will be a certain chance for "Leviathan of Sprouted Hatred" to appear where "Leviathan" normally appears.
    • The raid boss will disappear 1 hour later.
[Mistsong Summit]
  • When you defeat a superior boss at Mistsong Summit, a Lingering Soul will appear. You can interact with the souls to obtain the Dochul's Hatred, Sojung's Grudge, or Aria's Melody buff.
  • When moving from Mistsong Summit to the Soul Well, you now must have all three buffs to move there (Dochul's Hatred, Sojung's Grudge, and Aria's Melody buff).
[Arena Shop Revamp]
  • The Arena Shop currency changed from Kyrios Badge to Honor Points.
    • Prices for items at the Arena Shop are now marked in Honor Points.
    • Due to the Arena Shop revamp, you can now obtain 150 Honor Points by using Kyrios Badges.
      • A Design for exchanging Kyrios Badges with Honor Point Potions (Burst of Kyrios) was added for convenience.
      • You can exchange Kyrios Badges in units of 10, 30, 50, 100, and 200 through the Proven Warrior Workbench.
  • Instruments will no longer be sold at the Arena Shop.
  • A refresh button was added into the Details tab so that you can Reset Entries without pressing the Enter Instance button.
  • Changed the names of Dreadnaught's and Shroudmaster accessories which no longer can be obtained. 
    • Subtype: Old
  • The appearance will now match with the icon when installing the Regrade Brazier icon.
  • Added a feature which allows you to convert "Sacred Hiram Guardian Equipment" with Splendid Weapon/Armor Type Conversion Scrolls.
    • The descriptions about the "Sacred Hiram Guardian Equipment" was added to the tooltip of the Splendid Weapon/Armor Type Conversion Scrolls.
  • Added the Refined Erenor Equipment which can be obtained by awakening Brilliant Erenor Equipment.
  • The Erenor Armor set effect was changed.
    • Erenor: 3 sets: no effects / 7 sets: Move Speed +5%
    • Awakened Erenor: 3 sets: Move Speed +5% / 7 sets: 10% chance for +100(2s) Toughness when getting hit
    • Brilliant Erenor: 3 sets: Move Speed +5% / 7 sets: 10% chance for +200(2s) Toughness when getting hit
    • Refined Erenor: 3 sets: Move Speed +5% / 7 sets: 10% chance for +400(2s) Toughness when getting hit
  • Added the Sacred Hiram Guardian Equipment which can be obtained by awakening Exalted Hiram Guardian Equipment.
  • Added Awakening Scroll for Sacred Hiram Guardian Equipment Awakening.
    • The Sacred Hiram Awakening Scroll can be obtained from the Hiram Dimensional Rift.
  • Added the Dimensional Hiram Infusion which can be obtained from the Hiram Dimensional Rift.
  • Fixed the issue where certain items would display an Equipped Gear level of 0.
  • The Design category for Transmuter was changed to Consumables - Region-Specific Buffs - Transmuter.
  • Added Awakening Scroll Design for Refined Erenor Equipment.
    • It can be crafted at the Advanced Workbench in Territories.
    • Some of the materials can be obtained from the Great Prairie of the West.
  • The storage period for Building Trade Mail was changed from 30 days to 90 days.
  • Added a feature which allows you to right-click on chat conversations to copy text to clipboard.
  • New servers are open.
    • EU: Melisra
    • NA: Gene
  • Chat links will be disabled in the EU : Melisara / NA : Gene servers.
  • Please check here[archeage.playkakaogames.com] for the details of the new servers.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed the issue where the Thwart effect would occasionally not work. 
  • Fixed the issue where you could not accept the Protect the Delphinad Ghost Ship! quest. 
  • Fixed the issue where the cooldown for Serpent Bite was not the same as what was in the tooltip. 
  • Fixed Stone Crippling Mire to not stop when hit by a Critical Hit during its use. 
  • Fixed the issue where characters would occasionally die after moving into the prison cage. 
  • Added a description in the tooltip for Reinforced Tailfin Frame that shows you where you can obtain it. 
  • Fixed the issue where the terrain for certain parts of Eastern Hiram Mountains would appear unnatural.  
  • Fixed the issue where an abnormal sound would play when summoning Modified Assault Golem or Modified Bomber Golem.  
  • Fixed the issue where the Show Combo Triggers for the Auramancy's Conversion Shield skill would not function properly in the Skill Combos menu.
  • Fixed the issue where the Great Inheritor and Skilled Inheritor's title effects would apply in the Arena. 
  • Fixed the issue where the marks in the Party/Raid window would appear abnormally under certain situations. 
  • Fixed the issue where the "Happy" Skill Stack's Healing would reset when using the Divine Blessing Spelldance skill. 
  • Fixed the issue where the traces of a vehicle's cannon would remain in the air in certain situations. 
  • Fixed the issue where the character would sit down when using a potion while using a Spyglass on a ship. 
  • Fixed the issue where you could not use the Refreshment skill when in a Discord state. 
  • The tooltip for the Thwart skill (Auramancy) was revised. 
  • Fixed the issue where the The Death of Helmeier quest would be accepted in abnormal situations. 
  • Fixed the issue where teams would be able to enter Arena even when reaching the Entries limit without any Reset confirmation. 
  • Fixed the issue where you would move abnormally when using the "Follow" feature while on a glider. 
  • Fixed the issue where certain raid missions would not begin while in a Guild Group Mission. 
  • When declaring Leap or War Time in a server after enter the Garden region, the name of the server that declared it will now be displayed. 
  • Fixed the issue where the "Ellam" pet's appearance would not change depending on the skill used. 
  • Improved the skill range for Umbrella Slam (Umbrella Magithopter skill). 
  • Improved the details of where to use quest items for the Bard of the Prairie - Great Prairie Guardian Chronicles. 
  • Improved parts of Mahadevi Pass that looked unnatural. 
  • Fixed the issue where the Manastorm Shop would occasionally be deactivated on the fields. 
  • Fixed the issue where Multipurpose Workbench could not be used simultaneously. 
  • Fixed the issue where dialogue about the red dragon would appear. 
  • Fixed the issue where you could move abnormally at Noryette Challenge. 
  • Fixed the issue where you could not obtain Anchoring Shards when certain rifles were destroyed from enchants. 
The December Winter Maiden Festival has started. 
  • "Marianople" and "Solis Headlands" become peace zones during the festival period.
  • You can move to Marianople and Solis Headlands through the Worldgate at Diamond Shores and Growlgate Isle.
The Pure White Goddess Gift event has begun.

The Invitation to Snowfang Isle event was improved.
  • Improved the conditions for obtaining the Snowman icon which can be obtained through the Invitation to Snowfang Isle event.
  • You can now obtain the "Image Item: Winter's Messenger Costume" through the "Invitation to Snowfang Isle" event.

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