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Arena Ranked System Revamp Notice


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Dear Inheritors,


The current Arena ranked system will be revamped. Below are the details on the ending of the ranked system and future plans.


The Arena system was there to promote competition through rankings, but it did not work as intended, such as being used in certain contents as a means to earn rewards.


As a result, the current Arena system will be terminated in November and will be revamped over 2023 to provide various benefits to players who participate in various activities. We're also planning on a coin revamp in December, which should allow for better acquisition of Kyrios Badges.


  • The Arena Ranking System will be maintained until November, all rewards will be distributed as normal.
  • Akrites Accessories (Ranked rewards) will be usable until December and will be unavailable afterwards.
  • Arena rank information will not be provided after the December 1 maintenance.
  • Arena List
    • Gladiator Arena
    • Sparring Arena
    • Free-For-All Arena
    • Drill Camp Arena

We plan to introduce the update and future plans in December.


We hope you look forward to the update.


Thank you.


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