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ASSS darts not working with Modernizer mod


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I've replayed the game using the Modernizer Mod. 

I ran into a few problems like the vault door being stuck and the endless tricycle ride.  I fenagled my way past these.

Now I'm on the last chapter and the ASSS darts do not work.  I haven't figured out how to kill the super soldiers without them.

Anyone else have this problem and found a workaround?

P.S. I have running on Windows 11 with an i5 CPU and an RTX 3070 GPU


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I haven't seen this behavour. I'll try to give the last chapter a go again and see if it pops up. 

I assume you're running the most recent version of the modernizer mod? 

 Modernizer2 Beta 2C

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Can you try it with the only the Modernizer mod active? 

I know the original LivesForever used to cause issues with the single player. It's possible the same is happening to you having the LivesForeverPlus mod on. 

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