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lighter/torch not working

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Have played though NOLF a couple of times on this computer, so know it works; recently returned after several months to continue an old save. This was the scene on board the ship before it sinks; Cate is locked in a room ankle deep in water, without any of her inventory. She finds the lighter on the floor and is to use its welder function to burn the padlock off the door. I could not get the welder to work! There wasn't even an icon when I looked at the lock, though there was one when I looked at the wheel on the door (though, of course, trying to turn that did nothing ...nor did trying to use the lighter on it). Reloaded several times, to no avail. Tried "mpnoclip" but that didn't work either. Finally had to maphole to continue; an irritating solution since i had to miss much of that level.


In a later scene the torch was working normally.


What happened? and what should I try if it happens again?

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