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The best Disney Dreamlight Valley recipes


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There are many recipes to discover in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Some of them will be a bit of trial and error with different ingredients, others will be given to you as part of a quest. You can serve meals to your fellow villagers in Remy's restaurant, sell them for some Star Coins or eat them yourself to boost your energy levels while you're fishing, mining, or planting crops.

In this guide, we'll take a look at how to make some quest-specific meals and the best three, four, and five-star meals to boost your energy and earn you some cash. There are several ingredients you'll need to cook in Dreamlight Valley, including:

  • Fish 
  • Spices/ seasoning
  • Vegetables
  • Fruit
  • Grain
  • Fat
  • Seafood
  • Sweet

Disney Dreamlight Valley best recipes to earn Star Coins

Aside from farming pumpkins and other high-value vegetables, another way to earn Star Coins is by cooking some meals. You'll want to stock up on a bunch of high-energy snacks while you run around farming and fishing for these goods, so remember to take a fishing or foraging buddy with you for maximum yield.

Best meals to earn Star Coins
RecipeIngredientsSelling price
Basil omelettebasil, egg, cheese and milk982
BouillabaisseAny two seafood, shrimp, tomato and a vegetable671
Lancetfish paellalancetfish, shrimp, any seafood, tomato and rice1700
Lemon garlic swordfishswordfish, lemon and garlic1100
Lobster rolllobster, lemon, garlic, butter and wheat1900
Pan-fried angler fish angler fish, potato, tomato and zucchini2500
Poached basil-buttered sturgeonsturgeon, basil, butter and lemon2200
Potato leek souppotato, leek, milk, onion and garlic1400
Pumpkin puffspumpkin, egg and cheese1400
Pumpkin soupumpkin, any other vegetable, ginger and milk1500
Smoked peanuts and anglerfishpeanuts and anglerfish2200
Soufflécheese, egg, milk and butter1200
Steamed fugufugu, garlic and ginger1400
Walleye en Papillotewalleye, basil, oregano and a vegetable1700
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disney dreamlight valley recipe

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disney dreamlight valley sell meals

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Disney Dreamlight Valley energy recipes

All that farming, foraging, and fishing is hard work, so what better way to replenish your energies than eating a tasty meal? Of course, you could just go back to your home for a minute to regain your energy levels, but you won't earn any Dreamlight that way.

Best meals for energy replenishment
Arendellian pickled herringherring, lemon, onion, garlic, any seasoning2112
Birthday cakeegg, butter, sugarcane, wheat and cocoa bean2310
Carp saladcarp, letuce and lemon2310
Lobster rolllobster, lemon, garlic, butter and wheat4928
Pan-fried tilapia and vegetablestilapia and two vegetables2194
Pastry cream and fruitsthree fruit, sugarcane and milk2332
Smoked peanut and anglerfishanglerfish and peanuts3960
Spicy baked breambream, butter and chilli pepper2075
Steamed fugufugu, garlic and ginger3668
Sweet and sour kingfish steaklemon, sugarcane and kingfish2992
Fugu sushifugu, rice and seaweed3261
Gumboshrimp, tomato, onion, chilli pepper, okra2226
Walleye en Papillotwalleye, basil, oregano and a vegetable3689

Disney Dreamlight Valley quest recipes

We already have guides on how to make ratatouille for Remy, extra fizzy root beer for Scar, and those pesky crudités, but here are a few more quest-based recipes to help you out.

  • Sake make: rice, salmon and seaweed
  • Tekka maki: tuna, rice, seaweed and soya beans
  • Creamy soup: potato, vegetable, milk and a spice/seasoning
  • Fish sandwich: fish and wheat

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