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Mapping Contest Chit-Chat - NOLF2

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This topic is for the NOLF2 maps in the UnityHQ Mapping Contest. Here you can talk about what you're working on, post screenshots (please keep the size small) and get advice from others.


See THIS POST for details on the contest itself. biggrin.gif

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How about the spy training center with a 'gadjets' room like you always see in 007 movies.  cool.gif


I'm not doing any mapping, but I have a bunch of ideas. lol!




I suggested that one wink.gif Santa's Workshop (like Nolf 1 SP had kinda)

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since i prolly wont be makin any maps for this, ill throw out a few ideas...


maybe a unityhq training simulation place...

like, 1 room is a jungle atmosphere, 1 a desert, etc. etc.


or maybe a huge fitness center... "them spys gotta keep in shape" biggrin.gif


u could also make the UnityHQ Air Force One biggrin.gif

u know they have their own private plane, how else does kate get everywhere...


maybe also make the UnityHQ moon headquarters wink.gif


i dunno, play with those tongue.gif

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OK, I've uploaded my map. You can get it here. It's a bit of a rushjob, I can't get the load image to show and there are a few more issues, but the deadline is here, so there you go. B) I don't have any children myself, and am a bit too old to have been in one myself, so this is what I imagine a UNITY daycare center to look like.


IPB Image

there's a treehouse


IPB Image

a bouncy castle


IPB Image

lighting the bbq...


IPB Image

look who's on tv!


IPB Image

and there's a very big bear


Hope you like it. :D

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Nice map Sonic! I like the use of colors, especially the reds. Whenever I jumped onto the trampoline I slid to one side. Can the bounce on the trampoline

be increased over other areas of the map? The pool design was very inviting.

The trees and the lighting made the yard look real. Overall an attractive, colorful

(something NOLF 2 sorely lacked) map! :)

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Thanks for reminding me, Goo, I didn't notice the date! :P


Looking great! Love the teddy bear! :D


As was posted in the main topic discussing this contest, the maps need to be turned in. For those last minute mappers, it's okay to take a day or two but contact me to let me know you have something coming.

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If you want to host it, let me know so I can give you the latest version. There's still a number of things I want to improve:


- the load image that's not appearing

- I can make the doors transparent or I can make them open but not both for some reason (texture can only be bound to one property?)

- there are two leaks in the landscape at the walls

- if you just copy the UNITY facade like I did, you can walk through the walls. I think I've closed it all up but there might still be some glitches left

- some textures need to be placed better

- the screenshots look too dark on my computer at work: does anyone have any problems with the light level?

- there are still some polys that could be cleaned up

- I get an error message for bad polys but there's nothing at the coordinates mentioned, I'd like to find them

- weapons distribution: since the treehuts have the advantage of height, I've made them hard to reach and placed unsuited weapons there. I think I might have gone a bit too far with that.

- I'll have a look at the gravity of the trampoline as well, thanks Old Salt!


If anyone finds anything else, let me know and I'll try to fix it. B)

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Well, I just downloaded the maps. Haven't had a chance to extract them yet. Thank goodness I downloaded the .rar extractor :D Ummm, these better be the best NOLF2 maps that I've ever played or I'll just have to be very upset. ;) What are the compressed file sizes, I may be able to host those for direct download for you Sonic. :D

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Sonic Goo' date='Sep 29 2005, 07:39 AM' post='15410']

With host I meant run it on a server or put it in the download section of the site. It's hosted at filefront right now, linked in the post. :)

Oh, I was curious about that. I thought maybe you didn't wanna host it on filefront any longer so I thought I'd offer that option to ya :D

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The new version is up at the same link as before. I've removed the old one, so there's no way to get it wrong. The following changes have been made:


A leak in the ground at the wall was fixed

The safety net now covers the entire map, no more death for clumsy people!

There's a new grav zone at the trampoline

I've also placed a tree there, so you have something to jump to

Added some more shrubbery

Moved the shotgun closer to the spawnpoint at the parking lot

Fixed some leaks in the facade, aligned some textures there as well

Added a drawing and a radio to the treehut

Removed some superfluous polys

Made the double doors transparent and open simultaneously, made the doors stand out from the facade

Made some spawnpoints face the right way


Didn't manage to get the load image working, sorry about that. Enjoy! :D

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Great map Goo! Just tested the new version. However there is still one dire glitch I found:

It is possible to lean "inside" the brick wall right behind the big bear (from outside, seeing and being possible to shoot inside). The upper facade is also still "leanable", but nothing to see inside.


I understand the safety net also prevents injuries from the bouncy castle? Pretty unrealistic, recalling my childhood! :lol:

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