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Backfirewall_ from All in! Games is a smart, witty, coding inspired puzzler


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Have you ever wanted to explore the inside of a smartphone? Now you can in Backfirewall_, a brand new first person narrative puzzle adventure with fun puzzles and satire from indie developer Naraven Games, published by All in! Games.

Go inside a smartphone as the Update Assistant and fight back against the Update threatening to delete the old operating system and you in the process! WIth the help of OS9, the old operating system, gamers navigate a beautiful, quirky environment inside the smartphone, which feels sort of like a retro-futuristic office complex, complete with a nightclub.

In order to save the operating system from deletion, players will need to solve clever puzzles like terminal errors in the RAM, have fun in the Speakers nightclub, and explore all the different areas of the smartphone.

Get groovy in the Speaker’s nightclub in Backfirewall_.

(Image credit: All in! Games)

Stopping the update means generating havoc and chaos inside the phone by creating bugs, discovering errors, and deleting data using cheat codes scattered throughout the world. 

Newly released gameplay footage shows off this fun, byte-sized universe and the quirky characters that can either offer mini side quests or some sassy conversation. Either way, it’s worth interacting with as many side characters as you can find.  

Gather clues and interact with quirky characters in Backfirewall_.

(Image credit: All in! Games)

Along with solving the puzzles and defeating the software update, you’ll be able to gather data like emails and text conversations to uncover as much as you can about the parallel story of the phone's user. You never know what you will discover!

Of course, throughout the adventure, gamers are treated to plenty of unproductive, useless, but always entertaining humor. Expect fourth-wall breaks, sarcasm and satire to keep you laughing.

Backfirewall_ promises hours of endless fun for fans of quirky puzzlers looking for a relaxing, yet entertaining puzzle game with loads of goofy humor. 

Check out the website to learn more and add it to your Steam wishlist today and be sure to check out the game when it launches for PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch next year. The fate of the System is in your hands! 

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