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Warhaven is an action-packed medieval fantasy game you can play in beta testing now


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One of the most ambitious new games of 2022 is Warhaven, a vicious medieval fantasy action game with brutal 16v16 melee battles. Similar to other titles in the genre, Warhaven is all about brawling in close-quarters to control important map objectives. However, it also features several unique elements and design philosophies, including a strong focus on approachable, easy-to-learn gameplay mechanics, a distinct emphasis on squad-based teamplay, and the ability to transform into a powerful Immortal hero unit that can have a massive impact on the state of the battleground.

Overall, Warhaven sounds like a perfect fit for players interested in approachable and strategic hack-and-slash multiplayer. Here’s a deeper look at everything it has to offer to fans of chaotic sword and sorcery-based combat.

Chaotic fun for everyone 


(Image credit: NEXON)

Compared to other games in the medieval melee genre that tend to focus on complex combat mechanics with lots of intricacies, Warhaven is designed to be easy to pick up and play. The game’s simple control scheme and ability-driven mechanics make it very approachable regardless of your mechanical skill level. Because of this, strategic concepts like ability timing and proper positioning are the biggest keys to victory.

Additionally, the inclusion of both rapid respawns and the ability to revive teammates means that you’ll never have to wait long to get back into the fray. This ensures that death isn’t overly punishing, and ultimately makes learning and trying to improve less frustrating than it often is in other melee combat games.

Squad-based mayhem


(Image credit: NEXON)

Teamwork is important in any team-based multiplayer experience, but it’s especially valuable in Warhaven. At the start of each match, each 16-player team is divided into squads of four. Within these squads, players are strongly encouraged to stick with their allies and help them fight opponents while also assaulting, defending, and using valuable pieces of equipment like cannons, ballistas, siege engines, and more. Effective teamplay, including the use of complementary characters, weapons, abilities, and magical skills, will turn your squad into a devastating force to be reckoned with. Whether you’re holding the frontline, softening up the enemy with ranged attacks from a high ground position, or supporting allies by reflecting deadly projectiles or healing them with restorative magic, it’s important for squad members to fight together as one.

Throughout Warhaven’s attractive and varied medieval fantasy combat arenas, coordination with your allies is also crucial for dominating important objectives. Onslaught maps feature capturable flags and frontline footholds that can be pushed back and overrun, while Skirmish features bases that give your team additional sandbox tools to use when controlled. Finally, there’s Arms Race, the game’s core attack/defense mode with massive war machines that slowly encroach on the other team’s defensive positions.

Transform into powerful Immortals 


(Image credit: NEXON)

Whether players are supporting their teammates from afar with arrows and magic or hacking enemies down on the frontline, they’ll have the opportunity to earn a chance to temporarily transform into one of Warhaven’s fantastical Immortal characters. These are powerful hero-style warriors with wholly unique skills and abilities, and when used well, each one can change the tide of a battle. For instance, Martyr is an extremely agile fighter with earthshattering melee attacks, while Raven can fry her enemies to a crisp with her crow’s ranged area-of-effect fire damage. Hoet provides invaluable support with magical long-range revives and protective barriers, and Darkgale can blitz through the map quickly to ambush and assassinate unsuspecting soldiers. 

Immortals are extremely powerful, and learning how to use each one is a blast. With that said, they’re not impossible to take down, and players working together with their team can overcome their strengths with enough coordination and strategy. Notably, successfully defeating an Immortal will help you transform into one soon, greatly rewarding your skill. 

Test your metal in the Warhaven Global Beta, available now


(Image credit: NEXON)

Warhaven offers a unique and interesting twist on medieval hack-and-slash combat, and if  you’re interested in checking it out, you’re in luck. The game’s Global Beta is available to play from now until November 2, and all you have to do to get access to it is select the “Request Access” button next to the beta listing on Warhaven’s Steam page. You’ll then be able to download and play it, reveling in its visceral battles and blood-soaked battlegrounds.

For more on Warhaven, also make sure you follow the game’s Twitter and Facebook pages, as well as its official YouTube and Twitch channels, Discord server, and website

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