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Little Witch's Manastorm Lucky Draw Event


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Little Witch's Manastorm Lucky Draw Event

Event Period
Oct. 27, 2022 (Thurs) after maintenance–Nov. 10, 2022 (Thurs) before maintenance
Event Details
  • The "Little Witch's Manastorm Lucky Draw Machine" will appear at Austera, Marianople, and Growlgate Isle during the event.
  • Use 2 Manastorm Crystals on the Little Witch's Manastorm Lucky Draw Machine for 1 try (unlimited account participation, must be at least Lv50).
  • There is 1 type of ball and you can open it by spending Labor.
About Event Quests and Rewards
  • Pumpkinhead Ball
    • Spend 100 Labor to open the ball and obtain 1 of the below items:
      • Golden Pumpkinhead Ball x1
      • Bound Anchoring Tempering Charm Box x1
      • Pouch of Prosperity x1
      • Unidentified Eternal Hiram Infusion x4
      • Ewan's Rune Rank 1 x1
      • Hallowtide Decor Mystery Box x1
      • Bound Serendipity Stone x1
      • Bound Worn Costume Crate x1
      • Bound Mining Drill x1
      • Bound Majestic Tree x1
      • Bound Serendipity Stone Shard x2
      • Demigod Essence x1
      • Bound Resplendent Solar Temper x1
      • Bound Resplendent Lunar Temper x2
      • Wrapped Fusion Alembic x1
      • Vitalizing Treat x1
      • Angel Wing Elixir x1
      • Bound Savory Bread x10
      • Bound Aromatic Soup x10
      • Radiant Infusion Supply Kit x8
  • Golden Pumpkinhead Ball
    • Open to obtain 1 of the below items:
      • Image Item: Rabbit Queen Suit x1
      • Image Item: Moon Bear Chroma x1
      • Image Item: Plague Doctor Costume x1
      • Bound Resplendent Weapon Anchoring Tempering Charm x1
      • Bound Resplendent Armor Anchoring Tempering Charm x2
      • Wrapped Calamitous Manticore x1
      • Sealed Gilt Deathchill Coffin x1
      • Bound Lucent Serendipity Stone x1
  • The Little Witch's Lucky Draw Machine will disappear after the maintenance on November 10, 2022.
  • You need to participate with a character that is at least Lv50.
  • All event items cannot be restored.

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