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Patch Notes - Oct 27, 2022


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Patch Notes
  • The "Little Witch's Manastorm Lucky Draw Machine" event has started. 
    • The Little Witch's Manastorm Lucky Draw Machine will appear at Austera and Marianople (become peace zones).
    • A worldgate that allows you to move to the event region will appear at the Growlgate Isle faction base.
    • Spend 2 Manastorm Crystals per draw and you will receive a "Pumpkinhead Ball."
    • Opening the Pumpkinhead Ball consumes 100 Labor and you will obtain one random item.
    • There is a low chance you can obtain a "Golden Pumpkinhead Ball," which allows you to get a special item, from opening the Pumpkinhead Ball.
  • An Invisible Ghost now wanders Erenor. If you manage to not see it, post a screenshot in our Discord.
Bug Fixes 
  • Fixed the intermittent issue where the Blue Ribbon ranking information would not reset.
  • Fixed the issue where notice information was missing from the Task Board.
  • Fixed the issue where information about exchanging the "Brilliant Hiram Awakening Scroll" was missing from the Gift Exchanger.
  • Fixed the issue where loading could not be completed when changing servers from the Select Server window.
  • Added a disclaimer to Traveler's Campfire interaction skills.

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