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How to complete the Halloween Quests in Disney Dreamlight Valley


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It's spooky season in Disney Dreamlight Valley and there are a few new Halloween-themed activities to do alongside unlocking the valley's newest resident, Scar. While there are no Halloween horror houses in Dreamlight Valley—unless you turn your own home into one, I suppose—little trick-or-treat buckets filled with candy will be dotted around the map. You'll even earn some Dreamlight for mass-harvesting pumpkins. Capitalism, am I right?

In this guide, I'll walk you through how to complete all the Halloween events to net you more Dreamlight.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Halloween guide

Stockpiling pumpkins

By now you've probably figured out that the easiest way to earn Star Coins is to farm pumpkins. You can buy the seeds from the Forgotten Lands biome, which costs around 15,000 Dreamlight to unlock. To complete this village challenge, you'll need to plant and harvest 100 pumpkins. They take around four hours to grow, so go ahead and plant them, water them a few times and then get on with your day.  You'll get some Dreamlight and a Pumpkin Stack as your reward. 

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disney dreamlight three course halloween

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dreamlight valley halloween candy

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A three-course Halloween meal

This challenge is much simpler than it sounds, though it would have been fun to whip up some spooky snacks with Remy. To complete this challenge, search for three different coloured candy buckets to collect three different types of candy. Eat one of each colour of candy and you'll unlock some Dreamlight and a Green Trick or Treater's Bounty, which you'll find in your Furniture inventory.

Trick or treat

For this challenge, all you need to do is give out ten gifts to the characters. It doesn't need to be their favourite gift or even Halloween-related—you just need to give them a gift. Do this ten times to earn a bunch of Dreamlight and a Mickey Mouse pumpkin. 

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dreamlight valley mask

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disney dreamlight valley candy

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Villainy wears a mask

The easiest way to obtain a mask is to order one from Scrooge's store or buy one from page three of the new Star Path. All you have to do is equip the mask and you'll earn more Dreamlight and a Purple Trick or Treater's Bounty. 

Sugar Rush

For this quest, you need to eat a lot of candy—45 pieces, to be exact. You can either eat the candy you collect from the Halloween buckets or make some yourself using sugarcane, cocoa bean or vanilla. You need to eat 15, 30, and then 45 to unlock a Happy Jack-o'-Lantern, Mischievous Jack-o'-Lantern, and Friendly Jack-o'-Lantern respectively. 

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