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Nolf 2 multiplayer start-up issue


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Symptom: Nolf 2 fails to start after you click play with the CD in or fails to read the CD. *Note this was written for Tron originally but this issue it seems to be a bug with some Monolith games and certain CD drives*




This has to do with the copy protection used on the disc. If you have another CD or DVD drive, try using it instead. If you don't have another one, and your only drive is a CD-RW or DVD-RW, you can try disabling its recording feature and wait at least a minute before you run the game again. It could take several tries, and you may even have to wait a long time, before the game finally loads. Try to have patience, even though this problem will surely test it.


How to disable the recording feature depends on what version of Windows you have, and whether you're using programs like DirectCD or InCD.




If you're using Windows XP's built-in Recording feature:


Open My Computer or the Windows Explorer.

Right-click the icon for your CD-RW or DVD-RW drive, and choose Properties.


user posted image


Select the Recording tab, and uncheck Enable CD Recording on this drive.

Click OK.



Of course, remember to turn it back on, after you're done playing.





If you're using DirectCD or InCD, on any version of Windows:

user posted image


Hit Ctrl-Alt-Del to bring up the Task Manager. Make sure the Processes tab is selected. In this example, the 2000/XP Manager is shown. The 98/Me Task Manager will look different, and there are no tabs.

Scroll through the list of tasks until you see Directcd.exe or InCD.exe.

Select End Process, or in the case of 98/Me it would be End Task.

When Windows prompts if you really want to end the task, select End Task (98/Me) or Yes (2000/XP).

Click on Cancel (98/Me), or the close window button (the "X" in 2000/XP), when finished.



Don't forget to run DirectCD or InCD again, after you're done playing.

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