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It just got much easier to find the best mods in Teardown


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Voxel-based destruction sim Teardown got its 1.2 update today, and it promises to make the process of discovering mods even easier. The new featured mods list is curated by Teardown's devs at Tuxedo Labs, and highlights all sorts of "new maps, tools, vehicles, mini-games and more" to spare you the trouble of rummaging through the thousands of mods that already exist for the game.

The update's announcement calls out a few specific mods by name: a dog companion from DimasVoxel, the Montagna del Castello map from Klimber and Klumbart, and the AI-controlled T-Rex (or TeaREX) mod from tislericsm. Tuxedo Labs promises that the list will be updated regularly by the dev team, so you have a constant trickle of new things to obliterate.

We've said before that Teardown's vibrant mod scene is one of the best things about it, even deeming it a kind of spiritual successor to Garry's Mod, the previous player-made content king. Anything that makes it easier to sort through the teeming volumes of mods on Teardown's workshop sounds like a good idea to me.

The featured mods list isn't the only addition the 1.2 update makes. The patch also turns Teardown's Muratori Beach map into a freely-accessible sandbox level. Before now, the beach had only been reachable during certain sections of the game's campaign. And if there's one thing I've always said, it's that nature's pristine beaches need to be taught a violent lesson.

There's also a bit of Steam Deck love in the new update. 1.2 adds support for multiple controllers, which is handy for all sorts of people, but especially for anyone looking to use a separate gamepad while playing on a docked Deck. Beyond that, the patch promises bugfixes and mysterious, nameless "updates to the game's modding tools".

We're very fond of Teardown around these parts, and we've written more than a couple of pieces on the good times we've had laying absolute waste to its blocky, fragile world. It's even nabbed itself the coveted #25 spot on our Top 100 PC Games list. Here's hoping there are many more updates to come.

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