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Lego built a spooky gaming PC inside a handmade haunted house


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The folks at Lego are getting into the spirit of Halloween by building a gaming PC so they can stay at home and not talk to anyone, just like the rest of us on PC Gamer dot com. Obviously, since they work at Lego, that means the build is inside a giant, hand-built haunted house made entirely of lego.

Just in time for Halloween 🎃 This monster, one-off, brick-built gaming PC is giving us the chills. pic.twitter.com/0PhL05ko8gOctober 23, 2022

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Lego posted a bass-heavy video of the build on Twitter and Instagram.

The massive build is constructed from some 20,000 lego bricks, and the nice people at the Lego group are very clear to note that it's a one-off, in case you were harboring the strange dream that you'd like to own one.

Either way the build is very impressive. From the little details that make up the haunted house, like the figures of witches and things, to the screen on the brick-themed performance monitor.  Lego says it has an RTX 3090, Intel i9 12900KF processor, and a custom open-loop water cooling system.

All inside the big haunted mansion, of course, which is absolutely huge. It towers over a gaming chair and triple-monitor setup. I honestly do not envy whoever has to clean up 

"And yes," ends the video, "it can run Crysis," proving that someone in PR at Lego is an immense dork.

We've seen some pretty sick custom and non-custom cases this year, like that one that's a chainsaw, or that impractical-yet-cool open-air design. The world of PC case modding gets ever-larger, I mean heck, we've now got the case mod world series to look forward to, with a lot of robot-themed entrants this year.

If this inspires you to up your own PC case game, perhaps in a less time-and-money-consuming way, check out our lists of the best PC cases, the best full-tower PC cases, the best mid-tower PC cases, and the best mini-ITX PC cases.

Or whatever, sink countless hours and thousands of dollars into a new hobby. I'm not your dad. (But I do want to see the cool PC you built so feel free to @ me.)

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