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The Exorcist by way of the Commodore 64 just dropped on Steam


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"What I am about to do has not been approved by the Vatican." So utters Faith: The Unholy Trinity's protagonist on his descent into the supernatural. Developed by Airdorf Games and published by boomer shooter boy band New Blood, Faith: The Unholy Trinity is an 8-bit horror game where you play a priest investigating a Satanic possession.

Faith has an immediately arresting art style, with graphics reminiscent of PC games from the 1980s⁠—I immediately think of Castle Wolfenstein by Muse Software, released in 1981 (can you believe that id's seminal FPS was actually a reboot?). Everything's presented on a black background, with characters and details represented in simple, primary color sprites.

For cutscenes, Faith pairs those stark colors with shockingly good rotoscope animation like the kind used in Prince of Persia or Another World. Faith's uber-retro style and the uncanny effect of rotoscoping contribute to a supremely unique atmosphere⁠—there's not really anything out there exactly like Faith.

The game's first chapter was released for free all the way back in 2017, and since then Airdorf has expanded on the concept with support from New Blood. The full Faith experience seems like just the thing to help get into the Halloween spirit, and you can get it for $15 on itch.io or snag it for an early bird $13.50 on Steam until it goes full price on October 28.

Faith isn't New Blood's only foray into 8-bit PC gaming. The fantastic retro shooter Dusk got an even more throwback prequel with Dusk '82, also available on Steam. If you're looking for something else suitably Halloweeny from the indie label, I might turn your attention to the horror stealther Gloomwood, as long as you don't mind early access.

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zoomed out view of a bright white abandoned church in faith

(Image credit: New Blood, Airdorf Games)
Image 2 of 6

A woman weeping blood holding an infant insisting that gary is a normal human

(Image credit: New Blood, Airdorf Games)
Image 3 of 6

top down gameplay of Faith

(Image credit: New Blood, Airdorf Games)
Image 4 of 6

line art of some kind of smiling demon looking up from a feast back at the camera

(Image credit: New Blood, Airdorf Games)
Image 5 of 6

more top down gameplay of Faith in an abandoned church

(Image credit: New Blood, Airdorf Games)
Image 6 of 6

Faith investigation scene featuring high fi art of a dead bird

(Image credit: New Blood, Airdorf Games)

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