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Gotham Knights Batarang locations and how to find them


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The Gotham Knights Batarangs are little collectibles that the Dark Knight left behind before his unfortunate departure. Now it's up to you to explore every nook and cranny in Gotham to collect all 60 of these lost little bats. The rewards aren't exactly spectacular, but it's a good way of getting XP, an ability point, and to tour Gotham's gloomy sights.

Unlike the Gotham Knights graffiti murals that are often several stories tall, Batarangs are a lot tougher to track down. They aren't marked on your map, and they don't even show up when you use your scanner, meaning you have to find them the old-fashioned way. To make matters worse, the game marks progress towards their completion in a really strange way, requiring you to collect 12 Batarangs for every big area, which consist of two separate city districts.

In this Gotham Knights Batarang guide, I'll share some tips for how best to find them, as well as the locations for every region I've managed to scout so far, namely, Downtown and Lower Gotham. If you're curious how the Arkham series sequel has shaped up up, see our Gotham Knights review

How to spot Batarangs

Gotham Knights Batterang glowing on a clocktower

You can often spy Batterangs glowing on distant rooftops (Image credit: Warner Bros)

If you've played any superhero games in the past, you've likely got plenty of experience traipsing across cities to track down collectibles. Batarangs are scattered all over Gotham, but there isn't really any solid way to locate them. The game suggests using your scanner, but since you can't see them through buildings—and Gotham is a maze of skyscrapers—this advice doesn't really help. That said, if you get close enough to one you can spot it by the pillar of blue light it gives out. 

There are twelve Batarangs for each of Gotham's big regions, which means approximately six to find in each individual named district (West End, Southside, and so on). If you hover your cursor over an area on the map, you can tell if you've found every Batarang, as the bat symbol in the bottom right will have a green tick. My advice for finding them is to head to named locations, since they always seem to have a Batarang nearby. Out of all those I found, there also weren't any at street level, so be sure to search up high and keep an eye out for shiny blue pillars of light.

Downtown Batarang locations

Gotham Knights Batterang locations for Downtown

(Image credit: Warner Bros)

Downtown includes the Financial District and the West End areas, with twelve Batarangs to locate across both. Here's where to find each based on the numbers above: 

1. On the radio pole at the top of the Belfry
2. On top of Quartz Labs by the water on the north side
3. Halfway up the Gotham City Shopping Centre
4. At the top of the clocktower above the Gotham City Ferry Company
5. Between the two halves of the Gotham City Towers Apartment building by the bridge
6. On a lower ledge on the north-west corner of the Elliot Building
7. On a rooftop near to the bridge, just to the south of a church.
8. On top of the Gotham City Gazette building.
9. Just to the east of the Chelsea Tunnel by a billboard
10. Stuck into a wooden board above an open window into a train station.
11. Inside the cages on the roof of the GCPD Major Crimes Unit.
12. On top of Gotham City General Hospital

Lower Gotham Batarang locations

Gotham Knights Batterang locations for Lower Gotham

(Image credit: Warner Bros)

The region of Lower Gotham includes both The Cauldron and Southside. There are another twelve Batarangs to locate here. Here's where to find each one:

1. Stuck in the side of a water tower on top of a building
2. On a rooftop underneath The Cauldron's eastern bridge
3. On top of a building underneath some train tracks, near a Washer Dryer sign
4. By the Stagg sign at the top of the building
5. On top of a big railyard warehouse
6. The top of S.T.A.R labs, on a window cleaning box support strut
7. On the second to highest level at the front of Waynetech Tower
8. At the rear of the most easterly ship crane at Dixon Docks
9. In the industrial tower to the south-east of Cobblepot Steel
10. On top of a dock hook on a jetty to the east of Ocran Chemicals
11. Inside a shipping container underneath the bridge leading to Old Gotham.
12. The south-west gargoyle at the top of the Cobblepot Steel building

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