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Modders figured out how to keep playing the Street Fighter 6 beta, so Capcom removed the game


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The Street Fighter 6 beta was good. Like, really good. So much so that the few players who were even able to get into the beta wanted a way to continue playing after it ended on October 10. Well, it happened, and now Capcom has put everyone on the naughty step by removing the game's executable file from people's computers.

As reported by GamesRadar, the whole thing started on October 14 when a mod went out that allowed those with keys to continue accessing specific offline modes once the beta wrapped up. Most of it was offline versus, though a few extra tweaks also allowed access to the training mode. Of course, it began to spread away from hushed Discord servers to Reddit, bringing the whole thing to Capcom's attention.

Now, as of October 20, an update has been pushed out that removes the game's executable file from Steam. Since that's what people needed for it to run, the mod is pretty much dead in the water. According to GamesRadar, there are certain methods that can be used to retrieve the .exe but of course, none of that is particularly above board. 

Ah I guess the cats out of the bag nowthe sins of the past have returned, and yes the SF6 beta was cracked open past just the datamining, people able to play the game offline and all that.Papa Capcom took measures to stop it and got some people, but certainly not everyone.October 19, 2022

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It's definitely a shame that the beta was so exclusive and for such a short period of time.  A ton of my pals applied for keys and were left empty-handed, with many going ahead and purchasing keys just to play. It's clear that there's a huge hype around Street Fighter 6 right now—hell, I don't even like 2D fighters that much and I'm excited to give it a go. I managed to have a quick whirl at a recent fighting game event and had a great time, especially since it's so accommodating to players like me whose experience lies primarily with 3D fighters (and who can't pull off a quarter circle to save their life).

It's not the first time a Street Fighter beta has been broken into—Street Fighter 5's beta was completely cracked, allowing anyone to download and give it a try all the way up to its launch. This time around it was more of a mod than a crack since you still needed a beta key for it to work. Hopefully, it doesn't steer Capcom away from doing more PC betas in the future, especially with this being the second time it's happened to the developer.

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