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Konami announces Silent Hill 2 remake by Bloober Team


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Silent Hill 2, series breakout and one of the best horror games ever made, is getting a remake, Konami announced today, accidentally uploading its 35-minute Silent Hill Transmission ahead of time. It'll be handled by Bloober Team, the Polish studio responsible for The Medium, Blair Witch, and the Layers of Fear series, with original series monster designer Masahiro Ito and audio designer/composer Akira Yamaoka returning.

Bloober Team previously worked with Yamaoka on The Medium, which had a very Silent Hill vibe, what with its dual realities and haunted resort. Though divisive, it had plenty of fans, with Leana Hafer calling it "one of the best third-person horror games I've ever played" in her review.

Silent Hill 2 was originally released in 2001, and came to PC a year later. There was an HD remaster in 2012, but only on consoles and it wasn't well-received. (For starters, rolling back the fog to show off an increased draw distance meant that if you were quick you'd see monsters being dropped into place as if falling from the sky and the misty Toluca Lake you row across became an untextured white floor.) 

Silent Hill 2 Remake will be console-exclusive to PlayStation for its first year, but the trailer notes it will be "Also available on PC", presumably at launch. No release date was announced.

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