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Patch Notes - Oct 20, 2022


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Patch Notes
Content Updates
  • Reinforced the penalty for blocked characters to combat issues that interrupt game progression.
    • We have added below penalties for blocked characters to combat issues that interrupt players' game progression, such as repeatedly entering/exiting parties/raids or creating portals.
      • You can't teleport using portals created by a blocked target.
      • A blocked target can't participate in parties or raids you created.
      • Your raid recruit/search list is invisible to the blocked target.
      • A blocked target can't receive personal/radius invite messages.
      • For co-raids, controlling invitations is only available for your own raid.
  • Added a share button to Folio.
  • The Broom Race on Mirage Isle event has started.
  • The free weekend growth support item event has started.
    • You can purchase the below items for free at the Marketplace for a certain period of time.
Event Date
Purchase Limit
Bound Serendipity Stone
Oct. 21, 2022
Once per account
Demigod Essence
Oct. 22, 2022
Once per account
Manastorm Crystal
Oct. 23, 2022
Once per account
Kyrios Badge
Oct. 23, 2022
Once per account
Bug Fixes
  • Added a caution message stating that "Bound Superior Red Regrade Charm" can't be used as a crafting material when converting Duun's Blessing to Silver Regrade Charm.
  • Fixed the issue where Memory Hearth couldn't be turned off for an extended period of time. 
  • Improved Ember items' cooldown sharing tooltip.
  • Fixed the issue where your ranking points were not successfully reflected on the ranking list when updated to 4,000 points or lower.
  • Fixed the issue where you could purchase the discontinued Rainbow Chum item.

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