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How to turn into a werewolf in Fortnite


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Transforming yourself into a Fortnite werewolf is definitely the funnest thing that's been added as part of this year's Fortnitemares halloween event. While evading undead chickens or dancing at the Reality Tree, you may have happened upon an Alteration Altar with a fancy looking Lycanthrope beckoning you to take a step inside.

You'll have to do this as one of Fortnitemares first challenges, and if you're looking to get the three event freebies through quest completions, this will help you get started. Here, I'll explain how to turn into a werewolf, and where to find the Alteration Altars that you need in order to make it happen.

How to turn into a werewolf 

Fortnite werewolf - A projection beckons from an Alteration Altar

You'll see a projection beckoning you to step in the Alteration Altar (Image credit: Epic)

In order to become a werewolf in the Fortnite halloween event, you've got to locate yourself an Alteration Altar. The easiest place to find some is by the Reality Tree on West Island, where DJ Lyka is performing. Once you arrive, provided they haven't all been taken, you'll see a pad you can step on with a wolf-headed projection beckoning you over. Get inside and perform the Ritual Emote that becomes available to transform into a werewolf.

Now you can use your Howler Claws as a weapon, slashing at opponents in deadly combos. You can also activate the Wolfscent ability, which gives you tracking vision, and repeatedly marks nearby enemies. If no one's around, Wolfscent immediately enters its cooldown. Incidentally, if you're being tracked by Wolfscent, you'll hear a heartbeat getting louder as they get closer—not at all terrifying. 

Alteration Altar locations 

Image 1 of 2

Fortnite Alteration Altar locations

There are Alteration Altars all across the island (Image credit: Epic/Fortnite.gg)
Image 2 of 2

Fortnite Alteration Altar locations for werewolf quest

You can get every location on your map by tracking the quest (Image credit: Epic)

The good news is that even if you aren't able to become a werewolf at the Reality Tree, there are lots more Alteration Altars scattered all over the map. The easiest way to see them all is to track the Fortnitemares quest to dance on an Alteration Altar, since this gives you all of the locations. If you've already completed it, you can see their locations above for future reference. The most can still be found at the Reality Tree, though. 

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