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Dark Souls 2 Fans are petitioning for the return of long-forgotten promo weapons


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This is a fraught world, but we can fight to change it for the better. We can petition FromSoftware to bring back the limited time promo weapon reskins added to Dark Souls 2 in 2014 to hype up The Lost Crowns DLCs⁠—a shocking omission from the Scholar of the First Sin definitive edition of the game. Wait, what did you have in mind?

Illusory Wall, the Dark Souls content creator behind the petition, released a video today covering the history of the promo weapons. I have fond memories of this time⁠. After the release of Dark Souls 2 in Spring 2014, it was quickly followed by a DLC trilogy released over the summer, The Lost Crowns.

There was this great sense of mystery and excitement as the game got these huge updates each month, and this was enhanced by the promo weapons. In the lead up to the release of each DLC, a chest in the hub area of Majula would be updated to contain a unique reskin of one of the game's base weapons. With Crown of the Sunken King, it got a dark blue steel Murakumo curved greatsword, while later additions include a snow-white katana and a one-handed blade colored after the series' iconic Moonlight Greatsword.

After each weapon cycled out, it was impossible to get again via normal means. The reskinned weapons were not brought back in the Scholar of the First Sin GOTY edition/remix of Dark Souls 2. I recently replayed Scholar, and I know my experience could have benefitted from a blue Murakumo.

In addition to going into greater detail on the timeline and background of the weapon skins in the video, Illusory Wall points out that their absence does undermine Scholar's status as the "definitive" version of Dark Souls 2. To address this, the YouTube has launched that Change.org petition for FromSoft to add the weapons back to the Majula chest⁠—potentially as a promotional tie-in for Dark Souls 2's servers coming back online (that's still happening, right?)

The petition's just passed 1,900 signatures at the time of writing. Is it a little silly? Perhaps. Is it also very funny? Definitely. Would I like to be reunited with my beloved blue Murakumo? You'd better believe it. If you're interested in Illusory Walls' other videos, the YouTuber's been running an Elden Ring Dissected series on the game's mechanics. These videos began with a particularly illuminating look at the game's fall damage system⁠—it may feel random, but there's actually a method to the madness. 

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