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If you've been ranked too low in Overwatch 2, it might not be your fault


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Blizzard has released a big ol' blog post to look back on the first week of Overwatch 2, along with addressing some feedback and issues. First of all, despite the calls for buffs and nerfs, Blizzard says none of the heroes are seriously out pacing the others, as they all have a pretty similar win rate. And rather hilariously, if you've been placed in competitive in a lower rank than you think you deserve, it might not be your fault. 

Due to this gaff, Blizzard has apologised to those players who have ranked lower than anticipated. There was actually a bug that was making some players rank far lower than they should have been, so hey, if you're in Bronze five, you may have hope of getting out of there quickly. 

"We discovered a bug that was impacting player skill ratings, which is what contributed to many players being placed in Bronze 5 when they should have been placed higher," the post reads. "Our most recent patch included a fix that will help you get back to your true rank quickly, and that will be reflected the next time you receive a competitive ranking update. You will receive a boost as you continue playing to help you get up to the correct ranks. Players who haven’t yet placed in competitive won’t experience this issue after the fix goes live."

Junker Queen in Overwatch 2

(Image credit: Activision Blizzard)

 I mean, at least some people have an excuse now right? It's a little annoying that there may not be an immediate way to determine where people should be placed, and that they still have to rank up, but at least the bug has been squashed. 

Additionally, this section addresses that some players are already giving the devs feedback on how the game should celebrate your skill tiers and divisions. There are changes on the way for that, but Blizzard hasn't got anything to share right now. 

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