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Where to find the Minecraft mob vote this year


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The yearly Minecraft mob vote has returned to split friendships and light YouTube comments sections on fire. Once again we all get the chance to democratically elect which mob will join the game in the next major update. We won't know for sure until the Minecraft Live stream happens on Saturday, but history would suggest that the next update will be Minecraft 1.20 sometime next year, which is likely when we'll get to see our chosen new friend in game. And all three of this year's choices are absolutely friend shaped.

Unlike past years though, Mojang has really shaken up how voting works. The good news is that it's a lot easier for everyone to participate. For the 2022 mob vote, you have a whole 24 hours to make your selection, and you'll be doing so using the same Microsoft account you use to play the game instead of heading over to Twitter.  

When is the Minecraft mob vote for 2022? 

The Minecraft mob vote begins at 9 am PT / 12 pm ET / 5 pm BST on Friday, October 14 and ends at the same time the following day, Saturday, October 15. You'll have a full 24 hours to cast your vote before Mojang announces the winner during the Minecraft Live show on Saturday. 

Where to vote for Minecraft mobs this year 

This year there are three places to vote for a new Minecraft mob: on the Minecraft.net site, in your Minecraft launcher, or inside a special "carnival-themed" map in Minecraft Bedrock edition.

To vote inside your game launcher, look for the left sidebar tab called "Minecraft Live" next to all your owned Mojang games. You'll be able to make your choice right there on that launcher tab.

To vote in-game, open Minecraft for Windows from your launcher and look for the "Mob Vote" button on the left side of your main menu to join the world where you can check out all three mobs and vote for your favorite.

There is no voting on Twitter this year, which means you can change your mind about your vote right up until the deadline and also that the results will be a secret until revealed, unlike public polls on Twitter.

What mobs are in the mob vote?

Like past years, there are three potential new mobs to vote for this year: the Rascal, Tuff Golem, and Sniffer. Mojang has given some details about each to help make up your mind. 

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