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Undecember is a new hardcore hack-and-slash ARPG coming October 12


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One of the most interesting upcoming hack-and-slash RPGs you may not have heard about is Undecember, a dark fantasy game on PC that has a wide variety of options for playstyle customization, the choice of several different types of content to grind and play through, and an impressive presentation consisting of dazzling visual effects, high quality textures, and stylish animations.

Here’s a complete overview of everything Undecember has to offer, including details about its approach to buildcrafting, its progression systems, the types of activities you can jump into while playing, and more.

Play the way you want

As players begin the fight to save the fantastical world of Traum from the evil god Serpens in Undecember, something they’ll notice is that unlike many other hack-and-slash ARPGs, Undecember doesn’t have defined classes that they have to stick to once they create and customize their character. Players can swap around their stats, skills, and gear at any time without worrying about class or equipment restrictions, offering tons of buildcrafting freedom. If you want to cast magic with axes, for example, Undecember will allow you to do so.

The core of your character’s strengths and weaknesses are dictated by three main stats: Strength, Dexterity, and Intelligence. As players earn trait points by killing enemies, they can also unlock special constellations that allow them to tweak their character’s capabilities further. Additionally, regardless of which stats and constellations you opt to use in battle, you can also equip various Skill and Link Runes on your character to provide them with powerful skills to use in battle. Skill Runes give access to the default version of a skill, while Link Runes are used to alter the effects of those skills and customize them. Notably, it’s possible to attach Link Runes to multiple Skill Runes at once, giving all of the skills the effects of the Link Rune.

Builds can also be customized and improved using the gear you find while battling enemy forces. Once you find an item, it’s possible to improve the bonuses it offers by enchanting it. This is done by dismantling pieces of gear you’re not using, as this process provides you with the materials you need in order to successfully enchant items.

Content variety awaits


(Image credit: LINE Games)

Another thing that players can look forward to in Undecember is the variety of experiences it offers. Whether you’re looking for a fun campaign to play through or hardcore and farmable endgame activities, there's something for you.

Acts, which represent the game’s main storyline and campaign experience, serve as the introduction to the game and will also offer players a less challenging and more laidback experience. After completing all of the Acts, players will also have the option to play through Chaos Dungeons. These levels are considerably more difficult and intense than the Act campaigns, but offer significantly better rewards that you can grind for as well.

Finally, there are fearsome Boss Raids, which are the ultimate form of Undecember’s endgame content. These high-stakes missions can be run through with up to eight players and require lots of teamwork and coordination, offering those who can overcome the challenge elite high-level rewards. 

Regardless of which type of activity you choose to play through the most, you can enhance your experience with the game by joining a guild. Guilds in Undecember can have up to 50 members in them, and being in one unlocks exclusive benefits such as Guild Buffs.

Beautiful presentation

Undecember is also worth checking out if you love quality graphics. The world of Traum is dark and foreboding, yet also varied and colorful, making it stand out compared to other, exceedingly grim dark fantasy worlds. The game's textures also look excellent, and the visual effects of attacks and skills are brimming with vibrant detail. The animations are beautiful, too, as they’re incredibly smooth and snappy, which makes them a perfect fit for the game’s fast-paced, action-heavy nature. 

There’s also plenty of monster variety, which ensures that you’ll never get bored fighting the same creatures over and over again as you progress through your journey. Enemy attacks are also just as impressive and expressive as your own, making encounters with foes feel grand, tense, and exciting.

Undecember arrives October 12


(Image credit: LINE Games)

Overall, Undecember stands out as one of 2022’s most exciting hack-and-slash titles. Between its highly-customizable build options, varied types of content, and gorgeous visuals, it’s sure to please fans of the genre when it comes out on PC via Steam on October 12. The game will also be available on the Google Play Store and the iOS App Store.

If you’d like to try out the game ahead of its official release, you can do so with the free Undecember demo available on Steam now. Keep up to date with the game by checking out its official Discord server, as well as its YouTube and Facebook page. 

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