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Patch Notes - Oct 13, 2022


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Patch Notes
Content Updates
  • Added a "Manual Mode" to the Camera Mode settings. 
    • After receiving feedback about wanting to be able to customize settings in Camera Mode, we added a "Manual Mode" to the Camera Mode settings.
    • Unlike the previous Camera Mode where you could only adjust the maximum camera distance, the newly added Manual Mode allows you to adjust the viewing angle and zoom in speed. When you select Manual Mode, you can adjust values by using a slide bar.
    • The existing modes can be used just like before, but please note the settings for Wide View as adjusted back to the previous settings prior to the May 26 (Thurs), 2022 update. If you want a wider view, please utilize the new Manual Mode.
  • There is now a Peace Zone at the respawn point for faction respawns at the Great Prairie of the West.
    • This Peace Zone is narrower compared to other respawn points, and the Guard will not attack you even if you are from another faction.
  • The "Auto-Loot Powerstone: 30-Day Marvelous Mab only" used to bind when unwrapped, but will now bind on pickup.
  • The October Hallowtide Festival has begun. 
    • "Two Crowns" and "Solis Headlands" become peace zones during the festival period.
  • The Lulu's Gift Box event has begun.
  • Double the Gain Event has begun. (until October 27, 2022 before maintenance)
    • Double XP, Loot Drop Rate, Conflict/War/Siege/Quest Honor Points, and Vocation Badges.
Bug Fixes 
  • The Sunglow Lunagem: Revitalizing Cheer effect will now also apply to Ancestral skills. 
  • Fixed the issue where Labor would be consumed without obtaining the Community Boost effect when you had the War Time effect at the Community Center.
  • Fixed the issue where the Blue Salt Request: Preserves quest could not be accepted with the Blueberry Seed Bundle.
  • Fixed the issue where the Blue Salt Request: Preserves quest could not be accepted with the Millet Seed Bundle.
  • Fixed the issue where the Birch Treehouse Design sales settings would not work.

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