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A streamer broke her back in two places after jumping in a foam pit at TwitchCon


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After jumping into a foam pit during an event at TwitchCon San Diego over the weekend, Adriana Chechik, a Twitch streamer with 802,000 followers, broke her back in two places and had to have metal support rods surgically inserted into it. 

The Lenovo Legion booth hosted a Face Off event at which streamers tried to knock each other off raised podiums using padded poles, as in the show Gladiators. The platforms were placed in a foam pit, though perhaps the word "pit" is generous, as it looked like little more than a thin layer of foam cubes scattered across a kind of inflatable pool sitting on the convention's hard floor.

Though Chechik's injury was the most severe, she wasn't the only streamer hurt in the foam pit. LochVaness dislocated her knee and sprained her ankle after stepping off a podium following her victory, and others have complained of back pain and difficulty walking following falls of their own.

While contestants were warned against diving into the pit, and had to sign liability waivers, a commentator at the booth had said they were "all about safety here at the Lenovo Legion booth. Wanna have good clean fun, be able to jump into that foam and enjoy yourself at the end of the day." It seems like everyone assumed more care was being taken to make the foam pit, which was placed there so people could fall into it, was actually safe for an adult human being to fall into. 

The pit was eventually closed, so hopefully that's the end of the injuries and the end of a convention pit shaping up to be as infamous as the ball pit at DashCon.

Another streamer was hurt earlier at TwitchCon in an unrelated incident. Genshin Impact streamer Zummmers was competing in the World Balloon Cup, an event where players compete to keep a balloon in the air. The competition was staged in an enclosed mockup of a living room, and Zummmers broke her ankle after jumping over a chair.

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