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How to find and open Vaults in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4


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Tracking down the Fortnite Vault locations in Season 4 is a tricky task, but these secret underground stashes are one of the best places to get rare items and weapons so you can get one over on opponents and emerge on top. Thankfully, vaults have been improved from previous seasons, and you no longer need multiple players to open them.

What you will need, however, are vault keys. Some vaults will open with just one key, whereas those with the very best loot will take two separate keys to crack. In this Fortnite vault guide, I'll run through where each vault is, and how to get those all important vault keys so you can unlock these stashes during a match. 

All Fortnite Vault locations

Fortnite Vault locations on the island map

(Image credit: Epic/Fortnite.gg)

There are 17 potential vaults scattered across the island in Season 4, but you need to pick up a vault key during your match to be able to see available vaults on the map. Those that don't appear have already been opened. Some vaults also require two keys instead of one, and you can tell these as they're marked with a double padlock. They do give you better loot, though. 

The Fortnite.gg interactive map has a great location list of every spawnable vault that you can also see above, making it easier to know what to look for. When you start a match, you just need to find a key, locate your nearest vault on the map, then it's looting time. Here's a brief breakdown of where the vaults are relative to named locations:

  • North-west of Logjam Junction
  • West of Grim Gables
  • South side of the Rave Cave
  • West of the Rave Cave across the river
  • South-west of the Reality Tree by the coast
  • East of Greasy Grove across the bridge
  • South-west of Tilted Towers on the hill
  • South-west of Rocky Reels
  • North of Rocky Reels across the river
  • West side of Chrome Crossroads
  • West of Chrome Crossroads across the river
  • South of Chrome Crossroads
  • West of Chonker's Speedway
  • South of Cloudy Condos across the bridge
  • North of Cloudy Condos
  • On the island to the north-east of Fort Jonesy
  • North-east of Lustrous Lagoon

Where to find vault keys in Fortnite

Image 1 of 3

Fortnite vault key on the beach

You can get vault keys from chests (Image credit: Epic)
Image 2 of 3

Fortnite Vault with an open door

Simply slot the key into the vault door to open (Image credit: Epic)
Image 3 of 3

Fortnite Vault filled with chests

Enjoy your loot! (Image credit: Epic)

The best way to get vault keys in Fortnite is from chests, but you might also find some as floor loot, or be able to take them from a dead player's drops. You can also get vault keys from inside other vaults. When you've got one—or two if you're going for a bigger vault—simply head to the location and slot it into the door. 

Vaults are most often underground, with the staircase down to each entrance hidden behind boulders, bushes, or inside a building. The icon on your map should help you locate it. You'll then be able to head inside and take everything that isn't nailed down. There's usually a load of chests and plenty of assorted items you can pilfer.

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