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This great lightweight gaming mouse is only $22


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Right now, Amazon has a great deal on a Razer Viper Ultralight gaming mouse at $22, which is the lowest price since its release back in 2021. The mouse has seen a couple of price drops this year from its $79.99 MSRP, but $22 is an absolute steal. 

The Viper Ultralight is a speedy wired gaming mouse. It has a 20K DPI optical sensor that Razer claims can "register buttons presses at the speed light." That responsiveness makes it ideal for competitive shooters, but more importantly, it's lightweight without needing a honeycomb design which freaks some people out

If you're wondering, this differs from the Viper Ultimate, Razer's wireless version of the ambidextrous gaming mouse. However, that mouse is also on sale for 30% off. Not a bad deal if you need a premium wireless mouse with a charging dock. 


Razer Viper Ultimate | Wireless | White | Ambidextrous | 20K sensor | $39.99 $21.99 at Amazon (save $18)
This lightweight gaming mouse with 20K DPI was already a bargain at $40. At $22, there's no reason not to up your competitive game with the Razer Viper Ultralight. View Deal

The only downside to this mouse I can spot is that the deal is only for the white model, which I suppose might be an issue if you're all in on Razer's usually black and green colorway. Personally, I Iike a little variety. The only issue I ever had with this mouse was that $79.99 too steep for a wired esports mouse. But at $22, I'm totally on board. 

If you are still looking to spend more on upgrading your gaming rodent, we have plenty more picks, including ones without pesky wires, on our best gaming mouse page. 

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