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Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger just did 10 pushups live on stream to kick off Intel Innovation


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Intel is kicking off its Intel Innovation event over in San Jose and to warm-up for his keynote the company's CEO, Pat Gelsinger, did 10 pushups live on stream. It was quite unexpected, but what we do expect from the show is word on Intel's Raptor Lake CPUs and perhaps more on its Arc GPUs. See what I did there?

Forget the pushups, you've missed those forever now because the event is being streamed live—okay, fine, you can check it out at a live stream hosted on another channel called Quasarzone on YouTube—but you can still make it in time for Pat Gelsinger's keynote during Intel Innovation. Watch it over on the Intel website right now, September 27 at 9am PDT.

The event promises some announcements that may appeal to PC gamers, and I'd suspect Gelsinger's keynote to be where those are made first. Michelle Johnston Holthaus, executive vice president and GM of the Client Computing Group at Intel, has already appeared on the stream promising new things for the PC and "next-generation leadership products", so that's got to be Raptor Lake, right?

Intel has already teased plenty about its upcoming CPUs, but so far we've not heard an exact release date or price for these chips, so let's hope that's on the way.

Though I do suspect the event will be littered with more than gaming products, and Intel has already made much mention of AI. So be prepared to learn all about that sort of stuff at the event, too.

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