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A WoW player has already hit level 80, a mere 9 hours after Wrath Classic launched


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World of Warcraft's Wrath of the Lich King Classic expansion launched just over 12 hours ago and a player has already made it to level 80. In fact, it seems he managed it in a little under nine hours.

Naowh from the EU guild Echo took to Twitter just before 8 am this morning to announce his achievement—as spotted by Icy Veins—presumably before heading off for a well-earned rest. If you're wondering how he managed it so quickly, it appears that Naowh took full advantage of a grinding spot that was present in the original WotLK expansion, allowing him to tag multiple zombies that are constantly summoned by an elite enemy, but still claim the XP from them when they despawn.

This feat is perhaps even more surprising when you think that the older WoW expansions were far slower to level in compared to modern Warcraft, typically taking weeks rather than days. But clearly knowledge is power when you know the game—and the zones—inside out ahead of time.

Naowh is no stranger to this type of feat, either, being part of the team that has claimed multiple world first raid titles, the most recent being mythic Jailer in the latest Shadowlands raid, Sepulcher of the First Ones.

So if you had your heart set on the world first level 80 title, sadly you're out of luck. Still, it means you can relax and just quest our way through Northrend or run dungeons with a group of friends the old-fashioned way—provided you've managed to get past the server queues, that is.

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